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  • Nascarbuckeyes Nascarbuckeyes Feb 10, 2010 7:56 PM Flag

    Todays new Yahoo

    They use to be indented under the person's you were talking to. Now everything is straight in a row. Maybe just me and my new computer. I'll figger it out!

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    • Actually I believe you're both right.

      Someone replying to a reply to a post would be indented back one, repeat, repeat, etc.

      #1 The newbies likely don't know that.

      #2 I know there are times I'll reply to the initial post of a thread to keep from having to dig to find it, IE: the "most popular post ever" thread I tried to not get past a couple of replies before I just replied to the first one to make it easy to track all the comments. Once you get so far along you have to click the "see other responses" tab, I just pretty much abandon the thread.


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