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  • MoToR® MoToR® Feb 10, 2010 4:46 PM Flag


    so you admit your trolling for newbies, not people of talent. Just dead spaces, people that will drop out 6 weeks in and show all red 9/9's buy week 12. Why bother? If you have good competition then keep it. Having a full league just means you have a lot of trash to clean up all year long.


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    • Well--We have weekley post htat are better than Sat nite live and you'd be suprised how a little attention to the newbies gets 'em interested in being a part of the larger group.

      Only my brother is someone I knew more than ten years ago that I play fantasy sports with....Now I'm in 5 money leagues and a few others with friends that have been together for years---

      We even have a fantasy summer party "Whiskey Bash" named fas a spin on one of our fantasy managers' last name, every year for the last 5--people come to Minnesota or Wisconsin from Texasm to Washington and Massachussettes...

      So get some viagra if you can't get a personality Spama --- We know what we're doing.

      If your a dead fish --then you will have high turnover--


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