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  • MoToR® MoToR® Feb 7, 2010 3:17 PM Flag

    Dirty Angry Pirate Hookers

    The scared thing was a set back. I can't be bullied or peer pressured into it. Demented people intrigue me. I am fascinated by people like me. LOL. You should have come come back with something really twisted and funny. You haven't been counted out, but pressure tactics don't work on twisted minds you should know that. LOL.


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    • i simply figured that someone with the screen name Jake posting was to much of a mind warrior to compete with. his simplicity was enough to make those of us with the audacity to use someting other then our real name a fantasy sports crime and the Yahoo higher ups should be contacted through proper channels and the punsihment of blumpkins cast down. i figured that was what you were thinking. i apologize if what I said came across as anythign different.

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      • 1'st mistake; don't figure. No apology necessary. Your blumpkinnes came across pretty darn clear to me. Anyone that can't even capitalize I at the beginning of a sentence is either in a hurry, or a blumpkin. If the simplistic nature of a screen name of Jake is intimidating to you, you likely belong on the golf board.

        We don't penalize blumpkins, unless torture is a penalty. If we feel that's the last resort we do so only after exhausting all avenues of alternate action thru the proper channels as per the TOU agreement we all sign up for. After all, Yahoo rules.



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