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  • JoanieReb JoanieReb Feb 6, 2010 12:03 AM Flag

    Oopsies! Hey Jake - apology!

    Jake - I thought this might get lost in the "Danica" thread.

    When I was applauding JGP in said thread, it was for this statement:

    "Danica has only proven one theory in the racing world, Nascar isn't Nascar anymore, it's FaceCar."

    While driving to the corner store for some bourbon, I realized thet JGP had addressed the previous paragraph to you, and my support of him would surely have come across as support for his addressing you. I am very sorry, there.

    I would like to express my admiration for your very intelligent and idealistic support of racing in thet thread. Which was what I asking for (in a veiled way) - thet people talk of danica in terms of racing, rather than her being danica.

    Now, I haven't had a drink in awhile, and I got buzzed really fast.....'scuse me while I ....er....enjoy it.

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    • LMMFAO, that's all i was ever saying man. Not that she's gods gift, not that she was going to dethrone JJ, but that she's come to Nascar to legitimately race...and that she's got incentive to do so...although boobs are cool, that's not why she's crossing over.

    • I've watched ARCA for quite a while Jake, Christy Passmore was an ARCA regular who came from Thunderhill Speedway, a half mile dirt track in Mayetta, Kansas that Clint Bowyer also raced at. Which is what brought my attention to ARCA.

      Aric Almirola is a perfect example of exactly what I was saying. 1 ARCA race does not make you an ARCA regular. He did well, moved to NASCAR and showed he belongs. When ever a driver moves from ARCA to NASCAR and doesn't show potential, it's back to ARCA. Showing that the competition level is just not there.

      Just MHO bro...

    • And yeah, no doubt, we'll see how she does in NNS racing the cup ringers. After the shootout, i don't think she can hang in cup...but maybe, just maybe in the NNS car...

    • thx i guess, it doesn't really matter to me...I stick up for the COT too, knowing it's one of the shittiest race cars on the planet. It's the same thing to me, it needs work, but has potential...

      JGP, LMMFAO...isn't he the dude that 'went of record' and called 13 wins and a championship for the BEW in 09? Then spent all year trying to convince everyone that he was the best Nascar driver EVER? AND, when the BEW couldn't get the job done, cried foul, and said that Nascar scripts the outcomes of the races? Yeah, five stars JGP...five stars...love that NNS championship though, 1 more and he'll have as many as that other driver you can't stand dude...
      I'm reserving judgement on DP, and I'm delusional? Whatever. The flag is about to drop on ARCA, so we'll see...I'll just say that Nascar scripted the race to make her lose if i'm wrong.

      And that's how you do that...

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      • Hey Jake - yes about JGP and the BEW. He is also the guy who wrote a series of essays about me being "the board's worthless rooster licker" - his words, LOL, and recently said...oh, well, you pro'bly saw it in The Most Popular Post thread...and has consistently attacked me in between.

        But, I had to give him credit for thet statement.

        And, as I recently said about JPG - one of him is a very cool person. I've always said thet he goes to extremes here - when he is "on", he's "on" better than anyone....and when he's "off", he is an equal opprtunity offender who takes it to the max. Sadly, (as he has admitted) he prefers to antagonize as much as possible.

        Now, 'nuff of thet. Let me jest say, Danica won my respect to today.

        I've never been into open wheel, so my only exposure to her is thru her public image.

        What I saw today - well, jest awesome, in terms of racing. It may not have seemed "awesome", but her EARNING seventh place as she did in her first stock-car race - yep, she a racer. her trip thru the grass and recovery - OK, enough - jest, I am ready to be a fan of Danica The Racer.

    • Yeah things get broken when alcohol is involved.

    • I'm going to have to do some changing this year. I've noticed a lot of broken links. The place is looking a little run down. Payment on that bill would go a long way to getting it fixed back up. LoL.


    • I think Amoss had an age thing at NN. Minors mixing with adults online may not be a good thing. LMAO, oh forgot about that tab, $hit....Here I go buying rounds for everyone and then skip out before the bill comes....Really, never did that before. Let me see who put their credit card info on this baord and I'll get back with ya, LOL

    • Wowsers! sorry to hear that. I became a Great Uncle the other day. My brother in law is now a Grampa. LOL. It cracks me up every time I say it. My daughter got pneumonia when she was about 9 months old. Stupid baby sitter had her out side in just a diaper in march. Needless to say I know the feelings involved in watching a baby in the oxygen tent, feeling helpless. I say a few words tonight.


    • been at childrens hospital today..the new baby is suffering from respiratory distress, they have him on oxygen and shit..

      I poped into NN about 15 min after Big Hairy made his last comment

    • It's alive!!!!!! where you been all night. did you see the crazyness going on tonight? why did you not join the fun on NN?


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