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  • The Gobbler The Gobbler Feb 1, 2010 10:07 AM Flag

    New Members Needed ! ! ! ! !

    Howdy Gang...

    We have a league of 33 members and need just a few more members to fill the last of our empty spaces.

    Our league is 4 years old and is very competitive. If you are looking for sure easy league, this is definitely not the one for you!!
    Last years champion was decided on the final weekend and one of our members was the Overall Yahoo Fantasy League Leader for 7 weeks in a row ! ! ! !

    In general, most of our members are older Nascar fans...

    We have a lot of Virginians are in our league plus tons more from around the country.(SC, Md, Cali, Tx, Pa, NC, Minn, Wis, Miss., Fla, Ga., WVa...etc)

    Our forum board is usually busy once a night with someone stirring the pot. (We try to keep it "family friendly.")

    Discuss any topic you like, but be warned you will be kicked off if you come on too strong against another member or sound to much like a drunkard or a disgruntle Ford mechanic..

    If you are a Mopar fan, then I would most definitely like your help in keeping the Ford/GM guys under control.

    We have in our fold a bunch of Carl Edwards fans and a equal number of Dale Jr. fans. Overall, the Ford members are the majority with Chevy being represented fairly strong too.

    You Toyota guys need some representation here too. Kyle Busch seems to be disliked by nearly everyone in our group.

    New players to Yahoo Fantasy Racing and Ladies are most definitely welcome in our league. I will post several informative messages on "How To Play" for beginners plus I am willing to help anyone who doesn't quite understand all the rules of the game.

    All in all, our league is open to anyone who is willing to play and be competitive till the end..

    Hope you can join us at:


    League ID# 904
    Password: 123456

    Commish/The Gobbler


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