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    """"""""2010 Smacked & Eliminated IV Guidelines""""""""""

    This is an elimination league where as no one actually is eliminated (removed) unless you fail to follow some simple guidelines/rules! I hate rules so, I refer to them as guidelines!

    Each week a determined number (this will differ each week from 1-10 and BBB announced prior to the green rag!) of teams lowest weekly scores shall place an asterisk *, or as I call them stars, after there team name! FAILURE to comply with with this simple guideline can result in the REMOVAL from the group!

    When you receive a 3rd * star, you then become an E-team, (eliminated and you MUST place an E after your name!!!) no fear you are not out yet!! Your scores as an E-team then no longer count toward low scores or stars!

    There shall be several ANNOUNCED races during the year for E removal, highest scoring E team can remove there E and go back to 2 stars! There will be at least 3 to 5 ""E-races!!!"" You can only remove your E on an ""ANNOUNCED"" E-race!!! Should you be an E-team and get a high score during a non E-race, it ""DOES NOT"" count!

    Each week, highest scoring (non-E) team shall have a choice of next race immunity (immunity means you cannot receive a star* that race!!!) or, if you have stars you may remove one! You cannot have both one or the other!!

    Also, the highest scoring (non E) team has the choice of running the BIQ (bonus immunity questions!) between 3 & 5 questions!! (Questions should be race or league related!) That team is solely responsible to run the BIQ, as well, keep track of all answers, and determine the winner !!! Ties will be broken by previous 2 race totals, higher total wins! Winner gets next race immunity! That means each week there will be 2 teams with immunity!! High score winner and BIQ winner!! (unless high score has removed a star*!!) If you get HIGH SCORE, and win BIQ, you "ONLY" get one choice, next race immunity or star removal! You cannot win BIQ and remove a star* !!! BIQ is for next race immunity only!! ""ONLY WAY"" to remove a star is having weekly high score!!!

    Note: E-teams are not eligible for BIQ !!! You already BBB eliminated!!

    If you choose not to do the BIQ, that is OK! I then shall do it or appoint another team to do it ! Let me know ASAP! Week 1, I shall do BIQ!

    If a team with low score has immunity, then the next lowest score is the STAR* ! E-Team scores do not count!

    Past ""CHAMPIONS"" in the group shall have 2 provisional's! These are UNANNOUNCED provisional's! Meaning if they get a low score they can use a provisional and be immune from a star!! These will be the only unannounced immunities!! All others will be known before the race!! These immunities must be used prior to week 26 "THE CHASE" ! This guideline is for our 3 previous "Champions!!"

    Past CHAMPIONS!!
    Granny goes racing
    The Villian

    Results will be posted by Monday evening (hopefully) !!! Check results and post no stars ""UNTIL I TELL YOU""!!

    Beginning week 26 is the chase!! No more immunities just racing!!! More to come on that when we get there!!

    Smack is welcome, and expected, last season we had over 4000 posts! Keep it clean OK !!! Bad vulgarity WILL GET YOU REMOVED!! Remember we have woman & children in this group!!!

    I am the commissioner with 2 assistants, who have the same abilities I have!! Including removing a team from the group!! Any disputes will be settled by the 3 with all decisions ""FINAL"" !!!



    Good Luck Racing!!



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