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  • TOKER TOKER Jan 31, 2010 3:19 PM Flag


    thats funny nerf i dont use the fbomb and only 1 ball joke ur the one with the vulgarity punk and if you want some just let me no i'd be happy to settle it man to punk just name the place i'll bbbe there

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    • "Toke Face" now your just acting foolish.

      ..Foolio ill meet you at Dillion and Indian right in your Hood.
      Screw talkin Junk there is NO WAY you would everrrrrr Step to Thissss. ..You know it, and I Know it!... im 6' 2" 240ibs of pure MAN you lil'Snatch..... fire up your tracker and let me know the time ill even video tape it and post it for ALL to see.

      Sincerely, BRING IT!!

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      • no prob bro i be in that area next sat so what if your 6'2 and full of what ever what time next sat boy and bring some friends punk u think i give a rats ass what size ur r little man i was borned and raised in south central does 65th and central ring a bell 2nd punk uno where highway 18 and navijo is thats my hood now not dhs thats my daughters place


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