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  • JoanieReb JoanieReb Jan 22, 2010 3:58 AM Flag

    give um hell motor

    Jest got on after a couple of days, MoToR, and saw the "Little" (as in too-little) To-Do, MoToR.....<<YAWN>> - boring...I guess in these Days of Spam, the Little (as in "too-little") Diversions are worth pursuing.

    But really, playing with Swami Too-Little? A guy who cain't tell the difference between pancakes and grapefruits? Who imagines thet I have a brother - when really all I have is Very, Very Hot Identical Twin Sister - for his Sick Fantasies when he towels his lonely self off late at night?

    I heard the newspapers in his area printed a warning as a public service, because, in these very difficult economic times, a desperate young single mother took up his offer of $1000.00 dollars to towel him off, and died from the stench, as he never showers first...in fact, hasn't showered in years....Well, it saved her the disappointment of finding out thet he only had three-fiddy and a week-old piece of pizza until his next welfare check comes in....and, it pro'bly saved her from a painful, drawn-out death after handling his one-and-only never-washed towel thet he uses as he entertains his sick fantasies every night....Shudder!

    I've heard you cain pick up serious infections on the golf-board, so if I go there, let me put on a bio-hazard suit, first....

    Y'know, I'm disappointed, I had heard there was a decent person or two over there...

    BTW - I'm sure Thet You remember, MoToR - there has only ever been One Person here at Yahoo! whom I respected enough in the first place to ever engage with in a War when he attacked me, ROFL - and it weren't pretty, ROFLMAO!

    swami too-little cain't hold a candle -or a towel - to thet guy...mebbe if I get really, really bored....

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    • Yeah well I stretched my time looking at the screen and got pounded for it. LOL. some dumb mistakes and I looked stupid. Which isn't hard for me to do. LOL


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      • You cain look many things MoToR - but stupid isn't one....occasionally misdirected, but never stupid....what say we spend our board-time one-starring peeps who spam the board with like, 4-5 posts in a row - which makes them look so dang DESPERATE thet people won't join their leagues, so they go spamming away again - and bumping people who bump their own posts, rather than spam?

        I have a rule - I NEVER join a league thet spams....but ones thet bump their own posts, I DO join, if I have an empty spot to fill....