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    No league here

    LOL. maybe we should all start new threads everythime we want to say something so the spammers have to work twice as hard. LMAO.


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    • Whats up Motor? Hows things going ur way? Quistion im in this basketball league that the LM is cheating, he locked about 6 of us in week 3, and talks all kind of stuff like about how he thinks its funny my mom got killed, and tht really happen, and after i told him he said hahaha thts funny, yea she died after i fuked her. Man this dude is sick, and now 7,8 weeks later he says i was joking, yahoo said unlock u only. I looked at my team and he done took joe johnson, brandon roy, monte ellis, and gerald wallace. i was like ok im going to try and play to fuk his league up and yesterday i claim Kevin Martin and today he was on his team and wrote a message k-mart is mine... What can i do? ofcourse yahoo want do anything b/c its a private league and this dude needs too be on the radar and deserves punishments beyond the limit. his e-mail is dubvur@yahoo.com his name is John. get um motor if anyone can its u...

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      • hey it's the real lucky. So we have 3 this year. How are you doing? I don't play games outside of Auto racing. Especially not basketball. I can tell you your best bet is to leave his group. Only thing you can do is, foul him out (LOL like the pun), but then who would run the league then? when it comes to leagues the best way to mess him up is next year. Every time he posts for a league let everyone know what idiot he is. This is why I only play in leagues with people I know, Too many power mad commissioners out there. They play with a "it's my football I'm going home" attitude. I'll never understand it. It's just a game but because they created the group they think they make all the rules their way. maybe he won't finish the season though. You should join another group either way it goes.


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