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  • Iceman Iceman Jan 8, 2010 5:18 PM Flag

    Demise Of The "Wing" Possibilities ?

    Nascar Is Considering Changing The Rear Spoilers Back To The Blade Type Spoiler. Two Thumbs Up... I Say !!

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    • According to The Speed Report - this IS the case.

      And Dang, are the drivers happy. Denny Hamlin had a nice interview on it, and explained thet among other things, vision would be greatly improved, as the wing spoiled the line of sight in a way thet the spoiler didn't....

    • I haven't liked the COT from the beginning, still don't. The wing seemed to be necessary with the design of the COT, but there seems to be an obvious move to "possibly" replace the wing with a spoiler. To reiterate a few points I made during the regular season and ensure everyone is aware that I fully support increasing the safety of the cars for all the drivers, but most of the measures that have been taken since the Dale Sr. incident could have been taken without mandating a COT template. IE: Safer barriers, HANS device, etc.

      You would think this move would be driven by Edwards & Newman going airborne after being turned around on the track. Oddly enough, according to the Racing One article, they make it a point to ensure those two incidents have nothing to do with this potential move. Not sure which drivers were interviewed, but it seems NASCAR talked to 14 drivers at the NASCAR tech center and all were in favor of going back to the spoiler.

    • me too.

    • I dont really see how that can just change the wing out for a spolier, in fact I dont they can. They would have to change alot about the car to remove it. In a season with a testing ban, i dont see nascar changing anything about the car for the 2010 season.

      I think the problems are more with weight and the placement of it. The newer engines the mfg are building are built around the amount of downforce the car has now. Changing that could make a mess of things...or It could be just what the sport needs.

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      • The Majority Of Nascar Fans Are Diehards And More Than Likely Relate To The Old Blade Spoiler. The New "Wing" Looks More Like Something From One Of The Foreign Cars From The Fast And The Furious Movies.. With The Economy The Way It Is NASCAR Can't Afford To Lose Anymore Followers. Maybe It's Just A Balance Issue? Who Really Knows? We'll Have Wait And See What Unfolds In The Very Near Future.

    • The wing is not a problem. I actually think it gives them more control. How many amazing slideways saves did we see since the inception of the wing? I didn't think much of it till I saw Jamie get slide ways and save it a couple times last year. I think they would lose down force on the rear tires if they went back to the blade, for one reason, the roof is much higher now. A blade would have to be huge to catch any air off of that tall roof. The standard blade that was used on the COY would have the air go right over it, making it just added weight with no benefit. JMHO.


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      • one more thing to add. If it is because of airborne cars like Carl Edwards and Ryan Newman, Than why don't they make the Wing in a shape like.......... Hmmmm, ok! Work with me on this. Turn this 7 so the bottom faces ------> . Now with the added piece on the back of the wing air can not get under it to lift the car as an airplane wing. Problem solved.



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