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    Safety & Nascar

    In a decade that brought us the loss of Dale (Intimidator) Earnhardt, Nascar has really stepped it up. Many of us complain about the COT, fans and drivers alike. Yet I feel that even though it may cause some of the races to be boring, it has produced many spectacular collisions that people walked away from. From Rookie mistakes of Micheal McDowell with his 1st real test of the COT. Smashing into the wall and barrel rolling down the track, to Carl Edwards bouncing up into the fence off Newmans hood at dega. That accident showed how much NASCAR is concerned with safety. Not only did Carl walk away, but even after the car shredded itself apart trying to get through the safety cables no life threatening injuries were reported.

    I think that many of us are quick to pick on the little things, yet fail to see the positive things done. So I wanted to start this year off making the point that, NASCAR and safety have been very good partners in a most dangerous sport. For that I think that the Grim Reaper will agree NASCAR is cheating!!!! And with that I'll say NASCAR keep up the good work.

    Jeff Gordon suffered some back injuries and could continue to race out the season. Carl Edwards raced through most of the chase with a broken ankle. Yet, when was the last race a driver missed from injury? I think in this 2nd full year of COT racing we will see much better racing. That car has proven it's worth in safety, Now they will work on making it an even better race car. So here is to the next decade of racing, may the COT continue it's safety rating, and after a year of info, may the crew chiefs start to find the things that make this car wake up.

    With just over a week before the great spamming for leagues begin. I figured if we had anything to say this week is it. So, thanks NASCAR for keeping this dangerous sport safer than any sport with a ball. Well? Unless you consider golf a sport. LOL.


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    • COT= Car Of Tomorrow How long is it going to be called this??
      Till they make another car?? Why not just call it the race car??

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      • Now it's the car of today, COT still applies.

        I'll give it up to nascar for doing what they can to make it as safe as possible. However, i think theres a lot of laying back on the part of the drivers as well. They're trying to keep themselves out of trouble to foster the small marketing empires that they're cultivating. I know that Teresa is making tons of money off E posthumously, but drivers always make more money if they're alive and winning.

        It is cool to have the devil may care drivers like the weasel and the pterodactyl that are still willing to go balls out. But, there's only so much that they can do to make an inherently dangerous sport safe. It's not like they're racing golf carts, they're racing some of the strongest naturally aspirated vehicles on the planet...nascar generally just gets in the way...

    • no comments? really? LOL.


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      • I dunno, it looks like a "long-joanie-like" post to me, I don't read those, jest write 'em, ROFL....

        Jest kidding, MoToR....

        NASCAR is ever-evolving, and I think you made some fine points.

        We have witnessed some amazing things, like truly FLYING cars, not jest airborne, but actually flying.....and crashes thet it is unbelievable thet any one has walked away from - and, at The Sprint Cup level, they HAVE walked away.

        In this period of NASCAR "evolution", I find many things interesting....on occasion, the racing is boring....but thet has always been true; whether it is more or less true, I don't really know...


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