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  • Nerf Nerf Dec 23, 2009 7:22 PM Flag

    this may be off topic..but

    .the Price is Right??. You Freakin Loser nobody cares about that garbage.

    ..Get a job you Hobo your 39 years old and watching Game shows are you kidding me??. Not only is your AZZ glued to the couch you thought it would be worth a post??.

    Dont ever post again Loser just plant you Fat AZZ on that couch and watch Jerry Springer....And FOR THE LOVE OF GOD dont give us updates........(((BOOM))) goes that couch after your AZZ smashes it!...LMMFAO!

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    • Hey pagan! Ever think he was enjoying family time while celebrating the holidays. The price is right is a very entertaining game for the family. Although I think Drew Carey could have done something better.

      You think being a sponge ball, He would actually soak up some intelligence. I guess the paint is still too fresh to let anything in.


    • Well, it took a while but it finally clicked as to why you are SO connected with including ((BOOM)) in all your posts. LMAO!!!

      Hell that was you lighting the match for the gerbil wasn't it? ROFLMMFAO.....and I can't stop!


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      • Now ive seen it all...you Homos just make up Crap stickin up for each other. ..Guess since your always lookin at each others back, you may as well cover for them.

        ..Game show posting??. You Fools will never recover from that and thats no joke...Notice only you three stooges are tryin to save the garbage..........GAME OVER, CHECK MATE and (((BOOOM))) goes any chance of recovery................LMMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!


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