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  • Shaner! Shaner! Oct 25, 2009 6:28 PM Flag

    Put Jimmy Johnson in the 88....

    Don he had flat tires all day today which is out of his control.No it's not a excuse for jr it's fact. I bet if he didn't have the tire issue today he would of finish in the top 10.Whats bothering him is thier running like crap.They have showed some improvements but time will tell but i'm not giving up on jr just because he's having a bad season.The only people on here that are giving jr crap are the jr haters which i think they have nothing better else to do than bash jr.Those people are the real losers because they can't come up with any new material.Dega next week and hoping jr gets a win at his best track.

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    • Actually it is partically his fault and here is why. I was listening to his team when he hit the wall the first time yesterday. The driver has the ability to dial the braking from front to back (or vice versa) themselves. Jr kept dialing the brakes to the front, this gave him more forward grip and allowed him to pass many cars. It also heated up his brakes to the point of melting the bead on the tires and when too much pressure was applied in the corners, it blew out the tire. His crew chief tried to convince him to dial it back, but he obviously didn't listen.

      He takes after his dad this way a little, but the difference is that his father was a mechanic early on and knew his cars. Jr lacks that experience and has to learn to tell the crew chief what is happening to the car and allow him to fix it, based on his knowledge of the car. The only one that Jr has ever listened to is his uncle Tony Eury Sr. These were the best years of his racing career.


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