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  • JoanieReb JoanieReb Oct 18, 2009 10:49 PM Flag

    Dave Blaney....

    .....OK, he may not be one of "first tier" drivers, but he is certainly a good and workman-like driver with some real talent, who really got caught up in a bad run of bad luck, followed by the economy taking a dive.

    I sure was happy to see him get third place in the NNW, after, as he said, not having much of a chance to RACE this year (he is earning his living doing start-and-parks in the Sprint Cup races).

    I was actually hoping thet Reuti would get out of his car last night (since he was ill) and turn it over to Dave Blaney, who was standing by.

    Dave is not only a solidly good driver....he is adorable! I LOVE his interviews. And, every time I see him interviewed, my girlish crush comes out....I bet Dave Blaney is an awesome husband.

    Dave in the Cat Car was one of those All-American, wholesome-type subtlety sexy images thet NASCAR used to do so well, giggle....now, I'm not trying to get my detractors to come out saying what a **** I am, for saying such things, but jest think about Dave Blaney in the Cat Car....awesomely All-American-type wholesome in thet "Boy Next Door" way....

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