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  • Cliff Cliff Oct 18, 2009 8:04 AM Flag


    Be that as it may, I'm just extremely bitter that I had searched at the beginning of the week to see if BK was entering and saw a PR where his last race was Kansas, so I went with Ambrose & Elliott instead. But I definitely would have gone with BK if I had thought to check back mid-week to confirm his non-entry. Now I'm left with only 1 more race for Kangaroo Meat and 3 for HornDog (not that he's been that great a pick lately either), so I guess I'll have choose amongst the RPM bottom feeders for 1 remaining race. Ah well. Great point about the C drivers making or breaking your season. Last year (first year I played) I won my league fairly easily and of course it was because of my NASCAR brilliance; this year I've only recently climbed out of the bottom half :-\

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    • DCAS, before I make my picks, I go to www.NASCAR.com. There, on the front page, will be six boxes, two for the Sprint Cup race, two for the Nationwide, and two for the Truck... one of the Sprint Cup boxes will have the entry list, so you cain see who is entered for thet week. It's helped me a lot, having the entry list right at hand.

    • I hear you there DumpCan!! This is my second year also and I just climbed to a sixty percentile ranking after finishing last season around the ninty percentile mark.

      It's that dreaded NASCAR sophmore jinx I guess! LMAO! My Achille's heal this year has been the A group, especially in my Chase league! I have learned two things this season from the fantasy masters which has helped me mightly. (Of course they waited until I had no chance of catching up to them before informing me of this strategy! LOL!)

      1.) Designate a time every Wednesday to place your picks. The line ups are clear as to who is in and who is out and you will never miss a deadline.

      2.) Always, and I mean always ride that strong horse until he falls over dead, then get off and kick him!!

      I think I'm going to attempt managing a league next year.. All depends on how work/play time looks on my schedule.


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