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  • I don't want him out of NASCAR Benny, I just want him to realize the oppertunity presented to him, Mike Bliss can out drive him any day and he can't get a Cup ride let alone strap into a Hendrick car every week!

    During his pre-qualifying interview last night he was asked about the honor of his father being inducted to NASCAR's hall of fame inaugural class, Dale Jr. first noted that all the nominees were deserving of the honor, then bypassed the question and started in on how his car wasn't that good. When he was led back to the question at hand Junior replied.. "Yeah, I guess the family is happy." This class-less piece of crap would be changing oil at the local Kannapolis Jiffy Lube if not for his Father! Should my Dad ever recieve such a honor, I would be exstatic! You couldn't wipe the smile off my face, and I don't even care if it were to the Bullshittin' hall of fame.. I'd be thrilled! Jr's success is due to Sr's drive and unrelentless persuit of winning on and off the track. Jr's a two bit hack!!! Another thing.. How in the hell does Juniornation believe his pit crew is the best in NASCAR (according to the latest AT&T fan poll..) yet blame them for every loss? To listen to Jr.nation, Tony Eury Jr. was the problem yet he is Kesolowski's crew cheif and the 25 seems to have no problem finishing in the top ten, hmmmm...

    I will step off my soap box now and "ralph" as MoToR and Razor puts it! LMAO!!!

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