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  • Nascarbuckeyes Nascarbuckeyes Sep 29, 2009 8:00 PM Flag

    Who doesn't want MARK to win a Championship?

    Many years have past and Mark is known as the "Almost" champion driver, the #2 man. Does anyone out there really have a problem with Mark winning a championship JUST because Hendrick has gotten a handle on the situation? Remember when Earnhardt won 7 (non consecutive) championships?

    Let me know why you have a problem with Mark going with a winning team before he can't win!

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    • I would like Mark to win if not Jimmie...but its all Jimmie again this year!

    • Mark martin straight up is a class act and i couldn't think of anyone more deserving.

    • I feel Mark Martin deserves to win just as well as anyone.

    • I lost 5 qualifying points because of him. I would have gotten 10 if he hadn't taken the pole from Jr.

    • Buckey, I started rooting for Mark Martin, when he and Jack first started the team. He was driving the Stroh Light Thunderbird in those days, so I consider myself an orginal Roushkateer. I was sad to see him leave and then be seduced by the dark side of the force. However, if the Roushkateers can't win this year (and they can't), then I wouldn't mind him winning, even though he is part of the Evil Empire. Like Darth Vader before him, I know that he still has good in him.

      This is a four man race right now, barring catastrophies like Dega and Martinsville or blown engines. The Sith Lord's (Gordon and Stewart) have an outside chance, but need luck to get back in the hunt. Something bad can happend to anyone, but they need it to happend to four drivers. I would like to see the final talley as Mark, Juan, Kurt and Darth Sidious Jr (aka Jimmy Johnson).

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      • Thank you Roushkateer for many of your wonderful insights!

        I discovered Mark Martin during a IROC race at Mid-Ohio. That was the real hay-days at Mid-ohio and I still get chill bumps when I think my first feelings when I saw those cars taking the checkered flag going down the backstreatch and into the the Esses. Mark caught my eye and my hat in my avatar might look like a cowboy hat but it's really "The Cat in the Hat's hat that I like to wear at the races!"

        My grandson's first words ever....Ma...rk.....Mar...ti n !
        My second grandson.......take him to a race.....If the car has a 6 on it...."mark martin"! We went into the "Home Depot build a car for kids" tent at Michigan a couple years ago....my grandson approx 4 or 5 yrs....they start helping him build his car........."Who is your favorite driver?" he answers "Mark Martin" no problem......they continue to build their car.....guys asked him again "do you have a favorite driver?"
        He looked at that guy very sternly and said "I told you Mark Martin, how many times do I have to tell you?" ha ha ha

        He is a #48 fan now but I encourage him to have his own favorites...just to like racing!

    • Now that Mark no longer has a blue oval on the nose of his car.. Yeah, I'd love to see him win a "championschip"! LMAO!!!!

    • I dont have a problem with it all! in fact, i hope he wins! GO MARK!!!! :)

    • I would love to see Mark Martin be the champion. anyone who objects needs a jackhammer to remove that heart of stone of theirs. I remember when Harvick beat him to the line at daytona I was heart broken and Harvick became an instant enemy.

      GO MARK

    • Dear NascarBuckeyes,
      I do NOT want Mark Martin to win a championship, because, he talked about me behind my back to Mr. Hendrick, and is friendly with that Junior jerk who is always trying to wreck me. Mark ended up in the car that I should be driving to MY championship, and now I have to drive this silly yellow M&M car for Joe Gibbs, who was a terrible football coach, and an even worse car owner because he is always being nice to Joey, he always makes me finish second, and he won't ever, ever ever talk to me, even at the NASCAR cafeteria when I offered him my chocolate cake.

      Kyle Busch

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