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    The Dale Jr Conspiracy

    Dale Earnhardt Jr wasn't wrecked this weekend at New Hampshire Hell, he was only "touched" by Reutimann! You all know that you've seen cars barely touch each other just like that at places like Bristol & Talladega (Jr's only good track) and still nothing ever happens to them. Last weekend Jr just wanted out early so when Reutimann "touched" him he spun his own self out knowing how gullible all of his brain washed brain dead Jr Nation fans are! He decided to create a little lie and of course you all would believe it because after all, it's only the most respected and the most handsomest driver in all of the world, Dale Earnhardt Jr! And then he retreated into his big Blue Castle in the sky! Or at least that's what he told you all!

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    • ooooh look at me.. I want attention! so ill post something negative about Dale Jr and his fans!!! Look at me!!

    • I think Jr. Gets The Last Laugh. Cause Wether You Love 'em Or Love To Hate 'Em, Yer Still Talking About Him. lol !! If Ya Ain't Sayin Nothin' At All, That's When Ya Got Problems!!

    • You're about as stupid as they come to make a post like that. 1st of all, before we get into details on driving etc.; one of your comments really had me scratching my head! You said he's "the most handsomest driver in all of the world".

      #1) Proper grammar is not a necessity on this board, but total disregard for the English language isn't tolerated well by most of us. Intentional grammatical gaffs are easily spotted and allowed for just cuz we feel like it. Know what I mean Gomer?

      #2) If you want to faggotize this board, please plant your @$$ someplace else. Make no friggin difference how astute you are in grammar, "the most handsomest driver in all of the world" has; "I wish I could plant my sausage in his corn hole" written all over it.

      You're about a presumptuous as that gal from Alaska. Her foreign policy experience came up when she gave her first major interview, on Sept. 11 to ABC News. Asked what insight she had gained from living so close to Russia, she said: "They're our next-door neighbors, and you can actually see Russia from land here in Alaska, from an island in Alaska." Well, you can see Russia from a remote island called Little Diomede located just 2.4 miles from its Russian twin, Big Diomede.
      It turns out...she's never actually been there, nor has she set eyes on its neighbor in Russia.

      Sorta like you! You say Jr. created a little lie expecting we'd all believe it. Meaning his "touch" by Reutimann was his ticket to call it an easy day. Well my man, I got news for ya. How many cars have hit the wall because of draft created when the cars are too close on certain tracks in certain conditions? Never happens right?
      What did Kyle B have to say after the bump he got from Stewart earlier this year in the Coke Zero 400? Well, he felt like he got dumped. Truth is he dumped himself by being too dang greedy.

      Racing is racing. Unless you have at least a minimal amount of knowledge regarding aerodynamics, down force, loose, tight, inertia etc. you really should contain your comments to guessing who's going to do well next week ....JUST KIDDING, ALL YA HAVE TO KOW IS PUSH THE GAS PEDAL AND TELL EVERYONE ELSE TO MOVE OVER!

      Not sure handsomest is a real word, but if it is; I’ll bet you blush a lot.

      Just cuz I feel like it, I'm gonna put Jr. in my lineup this weekend.


      Just kiddin!!!

      Oh yeah, cuz & kiddin are real words by the way. Another thing you presumptios pompous dip-stick!! I'm not gullible, I do that to trout, bass, crappie etc. Just don't compare me to a damn fish.


    • Truth is when his dad pulled him out of that burning grand-am car he told him that there was more to life then racing.

    • Thats untrue. Jr is a great driver who does'nt deserve all this critisism! Jr's won 5 times at Talladega! 13 times at other various tracks! How many times has Johnson won at Talladega! Get a life Jr hater! GO JR!!!

    • you like it when your daddy touches you...lol.you whine as much as anybody.....so stfu

    • Thats stupids thing i've ever heard.You know its funny how people say jrs a crybaby but you hear it all the time by the jr haters.So jr haters jr nation is strong and we stand by are driver threw thick and thin so get a life.


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