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  • jakesunrise jakesunrise Sep 17, 2009 5:27 PM Flag

    What about Chase spoilers...

    There are some decent guys that are down on their luck outside the chase this year. Do they have a shot to disrupt the chase by stealing away wins from the guys racing for the championship? How hard to you think some of these guys are going to push it, especially the RCR cars, or are those teams going to kick back and take the opportunity to test some new equipment and set ups for next year. Weather could still be a factor too, ala Logano and Reuti's wins earlier this year...

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    • I think 13th is a big pay spot. I also think that if your in the chase and cant win, I would thing you would want a driver that is not in to win.

      I think RCR is going to keep trying to win races, but Im sure they will be testing a bit, but not like most would think. After not making the race those car will need to impress the sposnsors as much as they can. The sponsors have spent huge amouts of money for good racing not testing..


    • Weather or no weather....Kyle is pissed. He's going to be working every race for the win possibly even harder than if he was in the chase. You can bet he, the owner, crew chief and pit crews have had discussions. Unless Hamlin's in the mix, no one's safe. (Don't take that last comment to mean he's going to go out and start wrecking people, just that he'll cut Denny slack were he won't the others) KB, no doubt.

    • Good question Jake. The way I figure it is JR may rise up in the Chase. He will be riding shotgun for the other 3 Hendrick guys, and he will NOT pass his teammates late in any race. But if any of his teammates are well back or have problems, then JR may go for the win.

      Also Kyle and Joey will try to promote the 11 car. And as above both these drivers will go for the win if the opportunity presents itself. Kyle also has a beef to settle with the 83 car.

      My answers may bring out the JR and Kyle haters again, but I'm ready for it.

      The bottom line: JR and Kyle will go for wins.

    • Kyle will probably have a couple wins. Hopefully RCR especially Harvick can win some races.

    • you could have twenty more races and Jr still wouldnt win!!!OVERRATED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I believe Harvick & Kyle will push & shove their way to the front. Kenseth may quitly go to the front.

      I am so looking fwd to watch kyle

    • Bowyer has four strong tracks and runs well at Phoenix, he just seems to get over-anxious at Kansas. I think he has something to prove, not to me, to NASCAR as a whole.

      The Kenny Wallace and Michael Waltrip faithful see him as a villian, good thing he doesn't hang out around 35th too often! LMAO!!


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