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  • Benny Benny Sep 6, 2009 6:39 PM Flag

    Hello everyone!

    Are we all "oiled" up for this great Labor Day classic? A rare Sunday night race to boot.

    I gotta make a Bud beer run now, so I shall be playing the Bud car tonight. My handicapping skills are impecable.

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    • Don't get so arrogant as to call me "Son", I don't call anyone BOY, and have whooped ass on far too many MACHINES from Jr High all the way up to now for an idiot post like yours to bother me.

      You won't have any replies to your posts from me for a while. I"m going to allow for the possibility you've had a few too many. If that's the case, we've all been there. If not, you don't want to pursue any further.

      End of story.

    • Son. next time you wanna call BOY, there better be one around. You wanna tangle with the MACHINE? go for it, chump

    • Yo Bro! Take a chill pill and...oh wait.....!!

      Sheesh man, put your friggin glasses back on and everything will clear itself up. LOL

    • Well, I did make my "Bud" run, but only after I finished replacing the wooden gate beside the garage with lumber bought at "Lowe's". So in my case, Lowe's got more of my money and they're in a different class than Bud, so my Lowe's pick doesn't impact my decision to drink; but not drive, the Bud car. Tonight, since I'm typing this via a router I got from Office Depot, I'll pick Stewart in the Office Depot car and put the Red Bull car up along with him since that's likely what I'll need to get moving tomorrow. I did change the oil in one of my cars yesterday and since I stopped using Pennzoil back in the early 90's, the only choice I had left was Mobile 1. It's not as good as Castrol, but..hey I'm just taking up time till the race starts anyway.

      So if the race finishes Lowe's, Office Depot, Red Bull and Mobile 1 then I'm not only going to be "extremely" lucky that my data based, statistical, evaluation provided me with the winners, but heck I'd be happy to invite anyone in the neighborhood over for grilled burgers and a bowl of my famous (at least locally famous) Pinto Beans.

      Did all that make sense? Who cares right?! It's about race time, so I gotta go move the water on my tomato plants before I get too busy.

    • Brilliant, Benny!

      Well, it's been a long time since we had a "Bar & Grille" night on Yahoo...perhaps one will materialize...jest in case, I better go out and get some wine now....I shall figure out how thet handicaps in later...it might mean Jeff Gordon, since he owns a winery. But, be assured I shall be drinking "cheap wine" tonight. Hmmmmm, Cheap Whine sounds more like Robby Gordon than Jeffie...But, Jeffie is definitely a whiner, even HE admits it....(ever seen thet interview where a caller says to him, "you're so whiney", and he whines - good-humoredly - "I know"?)


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