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  • What is up? I'm Jim Rome and this is what I'm burning on tonight. After 22 races into the Nascar season Dale Earnhardt Jr has failed to live up to everyone's expectations at Hendrick Motorsports yet after two straight top 10 finishes all of a sudden everyone of his fans are starting to wake up again. Now after only two top 10 finishes he's supposed to be back! Come on Jr Nation! You can't be serious right? I mean, he's had good runs like this throughout the year yet nothing to show for it in the end. When are you gonna just face the facts that your driver is too busy shooting that new Wrangler commercial with the other pre-madonna, Brett Favre, to be worried about improving on running just "good" and finishing just inside the top 10 or just outside of it. And he'll continue to do bad of course because Rick Hendrick didn't hire him to run good. He only wanted him there for the prestige. I mean come on, the guy is a former car salesman, he knows how to market products and to him Dale Earnhardt Jr is nothing more than another product. And don't think that Jr is getting the short end of the stick on this because he's not. In fact, I bet he loves it this way. He doesn't have the pressure to perform since his daddy already did all of that for him and he definitely doesn't have that "wicked stepmother" of his in his ear all of the time telling him that he needs to make a choice between being a race car driver or just another television personality, which is what happened in the first place over at DEI and now thanks to Jr leaving his dad's team to go on to fulfill his own selfish goals, DEI is now merged with Ganassi all because they didn't have someone like Dale Jr there to keep them together and now even Martin Truex Jr is going to leave.

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