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  • Benny Benny Aug 16, 2009 8:58 PM Flag

    Is JR back?

    JR, with a good 3rd place run today, may be headed in the right direction.

    He has some good tracks coming up for him. With what everyone says about him, he is still a pretty darn good driver.

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    • I would give him one more run. if he finishes in the top 10 then thank about running him.

    • Don't get too excited there JrNation! That was all crew chief at Michigan..

      Jr couldn't pour piss out of a boot if the instructions were printed on the heel!!

    • I would call this encouraging, but would hold off judgement. Most of the day he ran 15-18 range, not all that strong. However, regardless of the reason, he got himself in the top 5 and that is the bottom line. He also has three very good tracks coming up, so only time will tell. Jr has had sucess and this team was in the chase last year, so what happened. Like everyone else, I don't know. This has been a tough year for him and probably a little bit humbling. He is in great equipment, so he has all the tools to make it happen. Communication with his crew chief is essential, they may be making progress, he may be worth a start at Bristol.

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      • A very good overall neutral look at Jr there Roushkateer. I agree fully with your assessment. A fitting last word to this rambling thread.

        Now let's turn our attention to Carl Edwards. Can he win the championship without a regular season win? He seems to be getting stronger with each race. He was one of those "might run out of gas guys" at Michigan, but he survived. He can "milk it" for multiple laps, as he did at least twice for wins in last year's Chase, I think. Looks like NO new engine for him though.

    • He still bites as a driver....he should take up hang gliding !

    • If he's back why the hell couldn't he run down the guys in front that were half pedaling.

    • Blind squirrel theory, Is my guess

    • later joanie,

    • Hee-hee...I remember an announcer saying, "You could give Smoke a cockroach and he'd figure out how to drive it for the win." I've always liked thet one.

      And, on thet note, I'm gonna call it a night...

      Sweet Dreams, Y'All...

    • yeah at some point he need to realize the only reason he has the option to do some of his other ventures is because of racing .. and having the earnhardt last name doesn't hurt . his marketability will go down if he doesn't start racing .. Dale junior like to party ..

      I think the COT is ok .. it shows who the real great teams and drivers are . those who can adapt and with genuine skill will have less issues .. like DALE sr would jump in the COT and win just as much . hell throw him or petty in a bucket with wheel and they will get the most out of it

    • OK - thet's all reasonable.

      Seems most people either want to declare Junior "The Second Coming" or say thet he "sucks". I prefer a happier medium.

      It seems a number of drivers/teams have had a hard time adjusting to the COT. It appears Junior might be one of them.

      Last year, I was on my soapbox about it seeming thet Junior needed to commit more. Jest the fact thet he was often sweating and so out-of-breath he could barely talk at the end of some races - while Cousin Carl would be fresh a daisy and able to turn back-flips - said a lot. Where was his dedication to fitness? He must have left it at Whiskey River, LOL.

      And, if I recall correctly he started up two major business ventures (Junior Real Estate and Whiskey River) in the recent past, along with expanding Junior Motorsports.

      Anyway, I think he is getting some sense knocked into him now, and hopefully, we see him return to good driving form....but I do think he needs to improve his focus....

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