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  • A Yahoo! User Aug 7, 2009 1:16 AM Flag

    Anyone getting ready for the European Grand Prix?

    Did you happen to rate my message a single star? I couldn't find it anywhere! I thought you idiots had it deleted until I remembered that 1 star unrated thing. Now I can see this message again! Sebastain Bourdais was given the boot from Torro-Rosso because he isn't very good in the F1. All of them years there in America running Champ Car have ruined him. He has been replaced by Jaime Alguersuari. Hopefully for the sake of Bourdais, he wont be returning unlike Michael Schumacher who's world wide popularity exceeds even that of Dale Earnhardt! And of course you didn't have to as you say, "Google" the info, because deep down everyone in here is an F1 fan! Lewis Hamilton and Michael Schumacher are easy picks but you mustn't look over Jenson Button! Now, is there anything else that I can school you on?

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    • LMMFAO...looks like he found paddocktalk...

    • Hmmmm, Cadbury - I am surprised thet someone whom so openly prides himself on being erudite and sophisticated would continue to make simple grammatical errors.

      Saying "all of them years" instead of "all of those years" is using the "hillbilly" English which you so despise.

      Also, you not only ended a sentence in a preposition, you used the wrong one. A person is schooled "in" a subject, not "on" a subject. In order to aviod ending a sentence in a preposition, you should have said, "Is there anything else in which I may school you?"

      Jest seyyin'.....

      Now, if you'll excuse me, it sounds as if the hounds have treed a coon, so I'll be getting dinner going as soon as I check the still.


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