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  • NASCARMAN NASCARMAN Jul 30, 2009 5:31 PM Flag

    Opinions-Best track to go to?

    I'm wanting to add a new track to visited list, for you who have been some races what is the best track and worst tracks you've been to?

    Here is my list for tracks I've been to from best to worst.

    1. Martinsville
    2. Daytona
    3. Bristol
    4. Lowes
    5. Homestead
    6. Indianapolis
    7. Michigan

    Martinsville was easy to get in and out of the track. The racing is beat and bang and I've never had a bad seat at the track. The parking rocks and the vendors are awesome, I loved the whole set up.

    Michigan took forever to get away from and the racing was lackluster. Indy is the only track were you see less, but it's INDY!, atmosphere alone puts it above Michigan.

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    • I know someone who's been to vegas and chicago... He recommended chicago above vegas..

    • you're right about martinsville...darlington in another of my favorites,atlanta is really fast!

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      • It looks like the top tracks I need to go to are...

        1. Dega
        2. Richmond
        3. Darlington
        4. Atlanta

        Which is good because there all on my half of the country. I'll probably add Dega next year! I already spent all my racing budget for this year...and then some! Three cup races, two nationwide, and a truck race! I'm VERY tempted to go to the MOTOGP @ INDY! I went last and had a ball...even when the hurricane blew through!

    • talladega rocks, the free camping all around the track, the seating is awesome, and omg the night time atmosphere

    • I try to hit a new track every year & talladega was the easiest to get in.That was a killer race.Tony on his top right in front of me.Darlington was my first & 20 races later i still wanna go back.The rubber rains like hail there.No bells & whistles,just hard core racing.The worst track to me was lowes.Who builds a 6 lane highway in front of the track?100,000 people rushed out the doors straight into the traffic.It was a sight.Lowes does have nice bathrooms but the settup of that track is weird.

    • Good point, Big Hairy. I gripe about NASCAR being an autocracy (no pun intended, but it still makes me smile), but it IS very fan-responsive. And, considering thet it was starting to get a bit bloated until the economy crashed, thet is good.

      The whole Carl Long debacle really put me off. I felt thet basically, destroying a single-car single-owner team, and depriving a man of earning his living doing his day-job as a spotter, was going against what NASCAR is supposed to represent. (Of course, others felt is was removing sub-par material)....But, they do get some things right :)

      Well, I'm out for the night.

      Sweet dreams, Y'All, one more time....

    • yep. And I am sure you and I aren't the first people to suggest this dirt track idea or revitalize old tracks racing to the NASCAR crowd...they probably have a bunch of reasons why they are not doing it so far. But I will give NASCAR some props, seems to me, for most part, NASCAR considers fan and driver opinions very seriously. More so than other sports. Just for one example, look at the double file restart, that came from fan input and some by-in and input from some drivers. or both at the same time.

    • There was an interesting thread last year, after both Denny Hamlin and Junior said they thought the season was too long, alternatives were offered up - you cain imagine some, LOL - but, someone came up with the idea of doing non-points exhibition races at some of the older tracks, like Rockingham, varying the venues, not every racer obligated, for good will and local economic stimulus.

      Wouldn't thet be great?

    • yep, a dirt track race. Right, no way a COT would work, well, most likely not work on a short dirt track. Race the sprints or late models...I mean, these guys do it on their own from time to time, on off weeks they race at their hometown short tracks, Stewy owns Eldora, etc..
      Of course it would be no big money maker for NASCAR at the event..but...the good will publicity, NASCAR going back to the roots, etc..could be worth alot down the line....especially with the economy being what it is, and the fact that "alledgedly" attendance is down at most of the NASCAR venues....

    • You mean put in a dirt track race? Economics, I imagine - I cain't imagine the COT on a dirt track, they'd have to build a special car, I think. And, NASCAR wouldn't like THET.....

    • thanks, and maybe NASCAR could look at that as a model for a true NASCAR race. I really thought your idea was solid. Wonder why they wouldn't do that? Safety issues? Not enough money at the gate?

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