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  • JoanieReb JoanieReb Jul 10, 2009 5:35 PM Flag

    Any women out there want to help me spank some men?

    In fantasy racing, of course.

    I'm on an awesome Sadie Hawkins type league this year, 25 women and against 25 men - and we women have been pretty consistently showing the guys our rear-ends (of our fantasy cars, of course).

    Unfortunately, some of our women racers seem to have gotten lost along the way, and have been using maxed-out drivers for a couple weeks. Our lead over the men has dropped from 4 races to 2 as a result.

    Now, this is a really fun and competitive league with really friendly and good-humored people.

    Every Yahoo! fantasy racer is allowed to join three leagues under one team name each racing season, and each of your three teams on each of your three leagues will be identical, so if you are only racing in one or two leagues this year, adding one more won't do anything but give you one more chance to make new friends and win one more trophy. Your full-season points come with you when you join a new league, so all of your teams on each of your leagues will be identical for the whole season. In other words, you don't loose anything from you other leagues by joining another one, you jest add an identical team to a new league.

    If you are interested, please email me joaniereb@msn.com

    Guys, every once in awhile, we have a guy disappear, too - so if you are interested in filling in at a later date, you cain email me, too and I'll keep your info on file for if-and-when I need it.

    Thanks, Y'All!


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    • im not a woman but i love to spank men.lol

    • I'll join if you have a spot open.

    • Thanks for the replies, Guys!

      I'll answer each of your emails on Sunday, I really do appreciate the responses. And, from Some Really Awesome People, too.

      Jest, No Girls have answered yet, boo-hoo! No wait a minute, one has, with her spouse. Got a number of couples one one league, great fun watching the husbands and wives duke it out in fantasy-land.....

      Haha - you boys must have seen Buckey saying she's in the league.....she is HOT! And, is also burning rubber as a fantasy racer this year. She's in second place, right on my bumper, and I'm thinking she's about to pull the old Bump-and-Run on me anytime now. Thet girl is on fire right now - she went on vacation, apologized for having to put her picks in - in advance before she left for two weeks, then proceeded to knock about 5 people out of her way in order to ride my bumper hard! While she was on vacation and not paying attention to the racing stats.

      Must be nice, Buckey, to come back after two weeks in the wilderness only to discover you have kicked serious a** while taking a vacation from technology.....now, do me a favor and get off my tail, already....and not by passing me, OK? ROFL....

      If there isn't room for everyone this year, Y'All have got to get on next year, I'll send you the info - there are three of these leagues, with variations to each one (Feuds, Sadie Hawkins), and the people who run these have been doing this for years, a really tight-knit group of awesome, fun, and funny people. It's my first year with them - I'm on all three leagues and loving it.

      Again, thanks! And, I'll answer emails on Sunday.

      xoxoxoxoxoxoxo...oops, sorry - thought I saw Mr. Ed there for a minute, LOL!

    • In.....

    • I will fill in when there is an opening for you J

    • Is this your league? Is this the first yr. for this? I would be interested next yr but if anyone checks my stats they would turn me away. I am the bottom dweller in my league but it is my first yr and learning as I go along. Also I do not have the time to check out all the stats for ea. track and the drivers. I just have fun with it and go with whoever looks good to me at the moment.

    • Depends, do I get spanked?

      • 1 Reply to IndyBoyz
      • With virtual mink-covered paddlers!

        And, we give you a safe-word, if the mink isn't soft enough for you.....

        Some of the women are as pretty as they are fine racers (I think the top five are all women right now, at least it was last week! - and some have their own pictures posted, jest to show thet they ARE the Total Package....), so they do the spanking while I supervise. I am, after all, one-hundred-and-ten percent hopelessly devoted to Mr. Ed, and save all my mink accouterments only for him.....


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