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  • JoanieReb JoanieReb Jul 7, 2009 12:19 AM Flag


    Good questions, Benny - wish I had a crystal ball so I could look into the future and know!

    I'm guessing thet Kyle will put everything he has into winning this race....question is, will he "hero or zero"? BUT, on the other hand, I think Addington will try to get him to take points into consideration, so he might race smarter....

    ....I'm most likely putting Kes on my roster....then watching him carefully in practice and qualifying....

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    • Thanks Joanie. Kes is a qualifier unless it rains, then he'll get in on owner points. We need another top C driver here to go along with Kes. Who would it be: LaB, A.J., Reed, Marcos? What's your thinking on those tough to pick B drivers?

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      • I'm still working it out, Benny. I'll get back here as soon as I have done a little more homework.

        Right now, I am thinking Hornish. I want to save my last 4 Ambrose starts, so I'm not considering Marcos. I'd like to use Bobby Labonte, but I jest don't think his cars are good enough....what a shame!

        But, I'm gonna look at these guys, and of course AJ and Reed, see what their cars are like, and check their histories before I decide. I really think Kes might be the one to start, providing he qualifies, LOL! The first time I put him on my roster, he didn't get in the race....But, I'm gonna look into it and make a decision....the "C" drivers cain make or break you here.

      • OH yeah, and as for "B" drivers, right now I have Reutimann, Kahne, JPM, and Vickers....all hungry guys who are improving consistently thru the season....but again, I'm gonna do homework and might change them.


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