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  • Benny Benny Jun 28, 2009 10:03 PM Flag


    Why couldn't you watch the race today?

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    • Yeh I know how that goes. Busy, busy, busy. We got a new garage going up; new front steps going in; concrete all over the place; new eavestrough system; wife nattering. Got to win the lottery soon to pay for all this. Can't wait for the Chase to start. Maybe no Childress in the Chase?

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      • If they were going to turn things around, today would have been the day to start, they had some fine cars - Harvick's was the talk of the garage.... think they are jest snake-bit this year, a real shame! Jeff Burton took it real gracefully, I saw a blurb of his interview, awesome guy!

        Clint Bowyer looks to be their best hope right now, and I think Montoya and Kahne are going to out-class him this year....

        Your wife sounds to be a lucky woman! Young Miss's daddy was NOT a house-husband, he'd let it fall down around him before he'd make and effort to save it, LOL (but only laughing on the outside!).

    • I have a lot going on right now, have been traveling the past couple weekends for business, have to take care of stuff during the day, then I kick back and watch the race at night - caught the NNS at 3:00 am this morning, LOL....I keep tabs on my sidekick when I cain.....