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    Non-Nascar post.

    I would find it really interesting for everyone's opinion on our current President Barack Obama. Please, no party politics here, and no one word answers. Just really try to be constructive. Universal Health Care? Works great in Canada. The automotive industry? I can almost guarantee you that GM will make a fantastc comeback. Talking to our enemies is probably a good thing. I just really want to bring our young people home, safe and healthy.

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    • Banana

    • Now you can buy a year supply of medications in Canada for less than what it cost to buy a month supply here in the states.

      There is a catch 22 to reducing the cost of medications in the U.S. Not sure if I would want to that route

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      • not if you only reduce it the amount in which they are paying companies to push their products.............many doctors offices don't even have their own pharmacy,, but still recieve tens of thousands of dollars per year in wine and dine benefits and kickbacks from pharmaceutical companies just so thy will perscribe their brand of anti depressent. Doctors aren't even sure which medications work the best anymore because there are so many. I asked my doctor about it and he said that he wouldn't do it because he didn't agree with it morally, but a company offered him a golf course membership just to push their product. That isn't right at all. Tens of billions worth of kickbacks that we pay for..........that money right there needs to go to people buying those drugs.

    • nig ger

    • I bet he's a cool guy, he just has a really shitty job. Any pres right now would as far as i can tell.

      I just want to know when they're going to make GM a public company again. The government owning business is pretty scary

      And healthcare? Invest in some health insurance. For those with lower income and the self employed there are options that will help displace the cost without relying on government assistance. You get what you pay for

    • I haven't seen him stimulate anything except for GM and they are still broke. Maybe he is stimulating his wallet.

    • What I don't like about NObama is that he is for gays, abortions, learning how to clone people (Trying to play God), he tried to pass the "Fairness Doctrine" (I'm not sure if it was passed or not) that could end all Christian radio and tv brodcasts and he is completely against the word of god and told turkey we were not a christian nation. If you ask me, a nation with over half of the population being Christians I'd say thats a Christian nation, wouldn't you?

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      • No, half the people in this country being christian doesn't make it a christian nation. It makes us a democratic nation because that means half the people aren't and just because christianity is the prominent one doesn't mean it's the one in charge. Our constitution saves us from that and us ending up like the middle east. I don't ant some priest in charge of our economic decisions. Benjamin Franklin himself said that the use of christianity, or any religion for that matter, as a deciding factor in democracy was preverse.

        He is for stem cell research, not cloning people which would be used for the production of replacement bodyparts such as lost limbs and organs. And if you wanna start talking about people playing god, why is stem cells research so horrible but church aided and ran hospitals are more common than any publicly ran kind. What is the difference between the placement of a stem cell made heart in a man that needs it and a doctor at a church run hospital using shock paddles to restore a man from a heart attack.......at what point are we not "playing god" doing either of those things and at what point do we decide it's no longer acceptable and start saying "we aren't gonna do that to save lives". Think about it, there is absolutely no difference.

        He is not for gay marriage, his party is, but I am for gay marriage because I don't see any prominent amount of showing the sanctity of marriage by straight couples these days (90% divorce) so since the gov't gave homosexuals the right to adopt during the 80's the only way those children are going to understand the importance of finding a true "loved one" is to give same sex couples a socially acceptable compromise so they can show their children the same thing. I say don't call it marriage, call it a public civil union. Compromise is the name of the game there. Plus the economic benefits of all those same sex couples putting their incomes together would give this country a needed boost.

        As far as abortions go, I agree and disagree with them. In this yahooligans opinion, abortion should be allowed, but only in the cases of child pregnancy, medical emergency or extremely high risk pregnancies and rape cases. But like he said we as christians and non are never gonna agree about that sentiment but again in this case the gov't can not make their decision based on christian beliefs. People are mistaking sin for crime in that case and our gov't only cares about the latter.

        As for christian television, I read the "fairness doctoriine" and it doesn't end christian programming, it just divides money to other religions (which is only given to christianity to this point) for the use of making programming both radio and television (documentary style films as well). Sorry christians, we gotta share our bucks there. I'm pretty sure that treating others how we would want to be treated is a christian value so get over it.

        Obama's doing a good job.........I consider myself a somewhat conservative independent. I voted for Bush twice and as a christian raised, college educated, former soldier and country boy I was raised a republican, but after seeing that all the republican party could give me for a candidate was that computer illiterate senior citizen and that wanna be sportsmen menapausal soccer mom, I left to vote for the better candidate and in my opinion, he is doing a better job than Bush ever did. Time will tell, but i think we need to give it to him before truly judging him.

      • I don't think that was a religious move as much as it was a move toward rationality. There's no reason for the enemies of christianity to be enemies of the US. There are innocents here that don't want anything to do with centuries old conflicts. I would rather be perceived to live in a rational nation than a religious nation. JMHO

        And cloning could be the greatest thing that we have the capability to do. Not to make armies and the BS that science fiction would have you believe that they are going to do with it. And not to emulate creation. But think of it, how many have lost a family member or loved one to some congenital defect, or hereditary illness, or some other malfunction of your meat suit? If you have heart disease, they could build you a heart. From your own genetic material. People with degenerative nervous system disorders could be repaired. 0% rejection, 0 waiting on a transplant list. That sounds pretty cool to me. It will never happen with communist health care though. Capitalism is vital to progress in health care especially.

    • and in addition,

      Don't judge a book by it's cover. Ask a Canadian about the quality of the free health care......and then ask why many Canadians go overseas for health care, and pay.

      not knocking the IDEA of free health care, just pointing out that All Canada isnt necessarily all pumped about it.

    • well, it depends. What's the air speed velocity of a laden swallow?

    • .........Whatever............


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