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  • Benny Benny Jun 16, 2009 10:14 PM Flag

    Juan Pablo.

    He seems to be getting his act together. Truex is a lame duck, and Juan is for sure the #1 guy at EGR plus he's in a Chev. Beyond Sonoma, where he should be good, there are some tracks coming up that could catapult him into the Chase. Is JPM Chase material?

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    • I have like 4 JPM picks left, he has been hot and I have been getting pts. JPM is a great driver and I like his driving style. Kinda like newman/s you wanna pass me then work for it. JPM is the minority who is making a name for himself around all the red neck drivers in nascar. Good job JPM


    • When you start talking about if this driver could make the chase, I tend to look at which driver is he going to knock out of the chase.

      Which one of these guys is JPM going to be better than for the next 11 races.

      Tony Stewart
      Jeff Gordon
      Jimmie Johnson
      Kurt Busch
      Ryan Newman
      Carl Edwards
      Greg Biffle

      I would say the transfer would have to be one of theses drivers below

      Mark Martin
      Kyle Busch
      Denny Hamlin
      Matt Kenseth
      Jeff Burton

      Historically as of this point in the season the top 11 is set

    • Well, his ego definitely is.

      If anyone cain use "attitude" as a positive force, it is JPM. If he comes off Sonoma well, I would not be surprised to see him in The Chase, as he will certainly put all his mental focus and determination to it.

      Also, as you have pointed out, he will most likely be EGR's main man next year - and both JPM and EGR will want to capitalize on thet NOW.

      EGR will certainly give him all the support, in terms of the best equipment and team backing - thet they cain, as he could be be thier "face-saver" when MTrJunior leaves, which he almost certainly will.

      And, JPM will certainly go after achieving status a a "team star" with all he has - and he very, very driven in thet regard, he has a big, strong ego.

      I would think, thet for team and personal reasons, JPM and EGR will put everything they have into JPM making The Chase this year. So thet EGR cain save some face and get some chops, and so thet JPM cain start becoming the NASCAR star he wants to be.


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