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  • With nascar making a double file restart to make nascar more entertaining. always trying to make it more entertaining, they may be doing the opposite

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    • Change is not always good, it's not always bad either, yet this change has some questions looming. I think once all the questions are answered will be the time to criticize them or praise them. The double file restarts will be entertaining no doubt. What they do with the lap down cars will be its greatness or its down fall. I'm going to hold back any criticisms until I see a full race. I think that they needed to do something though. This who ever gets out front and runs away is getting old. Although I don't believe double file will do anything but make restarts interesting. Once some one gets out front it will be business as usual. Lets hope this is well thought out and remember cautions breed cautions. Double file restarts just intensified that part. So with that said lets enjoy it for what it is, and see how the teams jump through the loop holes. I know I thought the allstar race was a great race, probably one of the better ones this year. Lets hope it transfers over to a longer race with the same excitement.



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