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  • A Yahoo! User May 31, 2009 2:44 AM Flag

    Let me get this right....

    I made the missng word appear on this one. I didn't me to sound like you didn't want to come over after. After I re read it i under stood why you thought I was attacking you. You did the honorable thing and did not have to be asked. Me had to make a big deal out of nothing. Your name was never mentioned. only in the fact you haven't been on so I (me My self) figured if asked you would come over. you did not need to be. nor did I think it was you. I didn't Even think It was M E. He just had to turn it into drama. Read the posts and show me where I ever said it was him. He did Want I asked and I cleared his Name. So simple and he had to make big deal out of it. this is how it was suppose to read.

    no one said it was you. but we wanted to verify you could sign on. Hell if I wasn't on I would be on a list. You 2 actively refuse to come on (for the last month.) So I wanted to clear your names. Stop spinning and ask ed what I said I said this is not an attack on them but a way to clear their name. You had done it with out being coaxed over. M E blatantly refused only making himself look guilty. If he don't want to be there fine. He was a proven faceless and attacked NN so naturally he was on the list. If he wasn't a Puss and just signed on and said "see you and F' you motor" it would have been over in 2 min but he acted like if he came over he was going to be attacked. You know as well as i know no one has ever been attacked there. So why all the drama? Joanie I don't have any real issues with you except you forced (I myself) to apologize and M E has done no wrong. Well he did as a faceless till I called him out and because I was right he went on a drama spell just like IBB. No defense, just attacks. Yet He did No Wrong. Bullshit!!! As far as I'm concerned all the time I spent on flossin and JGP last year is nothing. He earned a true dummy status now the rest of the year he will be my funny dummy. You can stay out of it or chose to defend him but you know what he did was wrong yet because he plays nice with you its fine. BS he attacked NN and never apologized I said I would ask for one But F' that he is a low life faceless and never apologized. he claims he had to work great well except the last 2 days he managed to post every day but May 12th. So is that the last time he worked. LOL.

    I cleared his name I never said he was fred. I said he refused to sign on so he looks like he was. There was no reason for him to get his panties in a bunch. I'll give him plenty of reason to have his panties in a bunch the rest of the year though. it has nothing to do with NN it is I don't like him and I have every right to say all the truths I like. If the truth hurts he might want to stock up on kleanex. Because he might not have been fred but in my eyes he is not far from the scale of fred. Lying faceless punk. My favorite kind of dummy.


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