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  • JoanieReb JoanieReb May 31, 2009 2:08 AM Flag

    Let me get this right....

    motor, I got as far as you saying thet I actively refused to come on - first, no one asked me thet I saw, and secondly, I already had - when I saw fred's post, I went to NN and offered my support as someone whom had previously been attacked by fred.

    Since you started with incorrect information, I'm not reading any further. And I would be very grateful if you especially would jest let me alone.

    I am a member of the yahoo board, I enjoy it here, I have friends here, and I jest want to be left alone here when it comes to NN. All I have ever done since I joined is offer NN support, even when I was being attacked in its name. I've left my account there for two reasons - one, so no one cain come on claiming to be me, as has happened in the past; and two, in hopes thet I cain go back and enjoy it some day, because I really did enjoy it there. But right now, when it comes to NN, I jest want to be left alone.


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