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  • JoanieReb JoanieReb May 31, 2009 1:28 AM Flag

    Let me get this right....

    ME, I also suggest thet you do what I did tonight - take a break from this place completely. The stuff goes on whether we are keeping up with it hour-by-hour. We cain always defend ourselves later. It is healthy to get away from this crap completely for extended periods of time. I do want to enjoy the good things here and participate in them, and if I have to deal with the crap to do so, so be it. But the crap is getting to me, so I jest need to turn it off and shut it out for hours at a time. Hopefully the ignore button will filter out the bad stuff when I want to enjoy the good stuff. Then I cain pick a time to jest deal with the crap and forget it.

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    • Finally, if any thread or post here mentions NN and looks to be drama, I am NOT READING IT. End of story. I will defend my self from personal attacks, but I am NOT playing the NN vs Yahoo game ever again.

      I have supported NN unconditionally since I joined it, and even when I have been attacked in its name, have gone REPEATEDLY out of my way to say this is personal sh**, and NN is a good place, Dave's labor of love, and it is run in a responsible and ethical manner, and recommend ppl join. Now, please leave me out of all NN drama-crap.