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  • M E M E May 31, 2009 12:15 AM Flag

    Let me get this right....

    Oh god now what words did we say.....Friends??? Yup we are friends.

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    • i think a few ppl were thinking possibly it was you or Joanie who posted as Erry.....I didnt think so, I'm not sure who it is, dont really care,butthose weresome of the sickest comments ive ever read

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      • Good God, Rimz. Awhile back I was attacked by fred here in a vile, personal, and threatening manner in a series of posts.

        When I saw his post Thursday night, the first thing I did was go to NN to offer my support, even tho I have not signed on there in weeks - I also asked thet someone pass on to you thet I had had experience with fred, and had saved those posts if they or I could be of any help to you - and I was blown off, told thet people were more interested in making their picks then dealing with thet.

        I was an active NN member when fred went after me. I blew him off in a joking matter, but the next day at NN chat, I asked what ppl thought of them, and was totally blown off except by Dale, who had been offended and was supportive, and I was very grateful for thet bit of support.

        Now, if Y'All don't know what kind of person I am by now, and think me capable of such evil.....Good Lord, I don't know what to say. Basically, I have friends here, and a lot to offer here, and all I want is for certain ppl to quit dragging me into crap I have nothing to do with and let me enjoy the good things and friendships I have here. I jest ask those ppl to leave me alone, completely, and I will leave them alone completely.

      • Thank you Rimz, Just feel that anything that happends here on yahoo is blamed on M E or JoanieReb by the stooges. Got them on ignore and it is nice.


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