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  • M E M E May 30, 2009 4:01 PM Flag

    Wanted: Fred's real name

    This person has made slanderous remarks, and defamation of character against a child. This is an all time low for the board. I swore an oath to protect those who can't protect themselves, in this case its a child. As adults we are responsible for our actions, being on the internet should not make a difference.

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    • Okay, but it does sound like this child has loving parents and a supportive community to protect him. Personally, I prefer to save threats, intimidation, and violence as last resorts, and in response to very real threats to someone's health and well-being, because they tend to escalate in ways people don't predict.

      It's like I said, remember thet this is setting a precedent on this board - is it really one you want to set, and where will it lead in the long run. To repeat - do you really want to open this Pandora's Box? Perhaps there are alternatives thet may be more effective and have less potentially dangerous fallout.

    • When someone is so hateful in their speech. They should have the balls to sign it.

      I want to make it clear. I want public humiliation....no violence or personal contact.


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