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  • db101 db101 May 30, 2009 12:00 AM Flag

    I told Mr. Hendrick

    this is no b/s ! I told Rick at a Lunch we had at my work, that I wished he had paired up Alan Gustafson & Jr, after he told us that he had just signed up Eury Jr. said the press didnt even know yet, it had to be true I was watching the internet alot at that time because it was still up in the air who would be Jr's crerw cheif. I knew it was a mistake!!! damn im so smart..
    anybody else have a view on this? this is a true story there was atleast 150 people present when I ask about the pairing!!!
    in a open question and anwser session with the boss man. I dont blame Mr Hendrick . Jr. wanted Eury to be his Crew Cheif. The crew cheif is the boss not the driver.. when Dale Sr. was alive Jr didnt tell the Crew Cheif what to do!!!!

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