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  • BayBay BayBay May 29, 2009 9:29 PM Flag

    Kyle Doosch

    so stupid. yeah thats just jr's personality, yeah jr had all the chances he wanted to and still has never purposely tried to take him out. maybe this will be good for jr kick his butt in gear

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    • Jr. never took Kyle out? That is either a blatant lie or just a couple of words that don't make sense on your behalf. Do you not remember Richmond in the fall last year? I am pretty sure that Jr. took out Kyle. You Jr. fans are ridiculous, you will never grow any balls and support a real driver, just some worthless driver with a name and merchandise sales. In fact the majority of Jr's fans are so ignorant it wasn't even really worth the time for someone as educated as myself, to even wrestle this issue with you fools.

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      • watch that video and look at front of jr's car, his tires are smoking from laying on the brakes. you busch fans are so arrogant and unable to listen to anything bad about busch. i dont give crap about jr's merchandise sales i just like him because he is a blue collar guy like the rest of us. someone as educated as yourself? yeah that is so something BED would say.so you and your educated self can go wrestle some other issues with all of us fools

    • what happened? i must have missed it!


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