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  • JoanieReb JoanieReb May 28, 2009 10:07 PM Flag

    Want a dark horse?

    Ya think? I'd love to think so, myself, I love me some Dave Blaney!

    This is what Mark Garrows had to say:

    "Dan, Ga.: Hey Mark, does Blaney have a sponsor this week? racing or parking?

    SportsNation Mark Garrow : Dan, I know where you're going with this one and don't do it....No sponsor for the race...will probably start and park...and if they don't won't have enough tires....Blaney's 9th and 12th last two races at Dover...but no way is he someone to pick this week...sorry....I wish Dave could run this race full out, then he'd be worth thinking about."

    And, Ya know, Dave has bills to pay, and without a sponsor, it is difficult to risk damaging the car, too. If it gets wrecked, thet $91,000 don't go too far at all...but I usre would love to see him give it a real go here!

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    • He also said last weekend "No Way Jr gets a new crew chief"? Lets see if he is just a bunch of hot air. He did see that Blaney knows how to tame the monster. So why wouldn't he do it? No sponsors for start and parks. A story about them losing a car might inspire someone to sponsor him. Plus he would finish higher then 43rd where the pay out is more money.If he qualifies well I bet someone jumps on that hood tonight.


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