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  • AJ Turtle AJ Turtle May 27, 2009 10:03 PM Flag

    robby gordon failed post race inspection

    Anybody happen to think that the only reason that
    Nascar caught the infraction was because the team was a 3rd place car? Let's, let everyone who races in Nascar bend and
    stretch the rules? Hell, let's do away with all Nascars rules and
    perhaps we'll be seeing racing like it was in the 70's. Let's face it,the old style racing is gone. There won't be no Dave Marcus's anymore,only King Richards. You just aren't able to take a car too the track anymore,one you put your heart and soul in, one you morgaged the farm for. The loss of GM will devastate this sport. The Mom and Pop teams are already gone, so let's pick on the in between guys now....Goodbye Jeremy, Goodbye Robby, Goodbye Joe....They took you away before you sang your song....mmm

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