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  • LOL Harmful your right because everyone knows I am right. It was harmful to you. By your own admission you posted 300 times about I myself and 0 about nascar. Don't go there because these faceless are nothing compared to Myself. I have not talked to you and neither have many out here just M E. I say it, people look at it, you know it. I said all I have to say about this. For the last time drop it. Stop spinning you have no feet to stand on as long as you hang with losers like M E. He is the reason people wont talk to you like they use too.


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    • Ummmmm....MoToR, the reason thet I cain repost any of your posts thet were deleted is thet, when I suggested anyone who doubted which one of us was obsessed look at our message histories, I captured them both and saved them in files so thet I could keep the comparison myself, should you challenge me like this. There were two days when I didn't even post thet you were going on about it.

      Anyway, please drop your obsession and move on....I mean, what is this, high-school, thet you say I cain only be friends with certain people and not others, or the clique will disown me?

      Sounds like about 100 teen movies made in the past couple years....I did see "Mean Girls" and "Jawbreaker" with Young Miss, thet was the premise of each.

      Now, please drop the obsession. I've moved on, this is So LAST WEEK!


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