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  • do what?

    LOL I ended it a long time before you did. Please don't spin. Dj I don't think she can delete, but she does rate you are correct in that. Good calling her bluff. LOL. Rating does not remove accounts though. If it wasn't you then it had to be M E. But one of the 2 of you wastes time rating. LOL. the 9 rates of 1 were easily brought to a 2 with one 5 LOL.


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    • Wrong again, MoToR - I don't play those games. I like this board as honest as possible (which is very little, fur sure). Anyway, I've only got three pages - which I use for racing - which would mean thet even if I wanted to, I could pro'bly only rate myself twice.

      Dream on - seems the public got involved - I mean, lately there have been things like 22 ratings per post, in an hour's time. Someone has GOT to be playing a game. But, it ain't me, Babe. It ain't thet important to me anyway. I speak my truth, then let it go. It would take too much time to go between pages anyway - I did thet today when I was setting up my rosters, and it's a royal pain.

      Now, why don't YOU let it go?

      Try making a good NASCAR post here, and mebbe I'll give it five stars....

      Anyway, it's a bright new week with racing to go for! All this Old Drama is a real bummer.

      However, if you would like, jest to show I'm being honest, I'll spend hours thet I don't have bringing up and re-posting your deleted posts - would you like thet?


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