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  • Dj Dj May 26, 2009 10:59 PM Flag


    Everyone saw you delete MoTor's posts while all yours and your buddies were 5 starred. You sure your not fibbing. It use to be the other way around, you use to 5 star motors till you and him had it out. Everyone on this board saw it happening. No one else would have removed his during that period. Maybe I'm incorrect but it sure looks like you got rid of motors posts. That is what the board believes.

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    • ROFLMFAO - MoToR, I think you had those deleted yourself because they could prove harmful to you in the long run. Would you like any thet were deleted reposted? I cain pro'bly do thet.

      Now END of DRAMA - it is SO LAST Week.

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      • do what?

        LOL I ended it a long time before you did. Please don't spin. Dj I don't think she can delete, but she does rate you are correct in that. Good calling her bluff. LOL. Rating does not remove accounts though. If it wasn't you then it had to be M E. But one of the 2 of you wastes time rating. LOL. the 9 rates of 1 were easily brought to a 2 with one 5 LOL.


      • LOL Harmful your right because everyone knows I am right. It was harmful to you. By your own admission you posted 300 times about I myself and 0 about nascar. Don't go there because these faceless are nothing compared to Myself. I have not talked to you and neither have many out here just M E. I say it, people look at it, you know it. I said all I have to say about this. For the last time drop it. Stop spinning you have no feet to stand on as long as you hang with losers like M E. He is the reason people wont talk to you like they use too.



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