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  • M E M E May 21, 2009 8:21 AM Flag

    Ignore settings

    Hoe come if you place ignore slevenke.... it ignores Dale?

    just saying

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    • I enjoy going to the races with first timers.
      We are draggin the pop-up to MIS, there may
      not be much extra room . But we will do what we can.

    • Buckey - are you?????

      I'll admit I'm kind of spoilt when it comes to the Sprint Cup races....I am used to going when someone(s) has/have an RV(s) and gets the tickets and all, then paying for my ticket/pit psses and bringing some food & drink, and showing up....but I think the ppl thet I would usually go to a MIS race with aren't planning on doing it this time for a combination of health and financial reasons. Would you like to set something up? Mebbe Rhino and his wife would like to join us? You would know more about tickets then me...but I'll pay for a hotel room if we want one...or, if Rhino and his wife want to join us, a suite...we cain work out the details. I am staying near there right now, too, so we could stay at the house....but I'm kinda used to being near the race.....mebbe the house is near the race? one-and-1.5 hours away?

      But, if we want a hotel, I should make reservations soon...I'll pay for it if Y'All guide me thru a race in the stands....it could actually pro'bly be cheaper then the way I am used to, which is RV-High-on-the-hog...so thet the food and drink and pit-passes thet I pay for cost a lot....

    • Well let me tell ya.......he is some Kick Ass good lookin man and.......very fan ....good.......

      Not good w/words but...remember...Mr Ed is just a horse! Just like RK, Mr Ed is very nice but remember...Let it go...then you vcan have fun again.

      Love ya Joanie...just want U to be happy and I miss the ole Nascar fun crowd

      Hope to see you at MIS...by the way......I'm still lookin for someone to go with...

    • You can have one weekend with him.....

      Sow your wild oats !!!

    • He whisks everyone away to PRIVATE,PRIVATE PRIVATE chat.

      He has so many lies and scams working, he has to try to confuse things with stuff like "Seeking Vengeance", really who says that stuff. Sheesh !!!

    • Thank You, Buckey....from the bottom of my heart!

      Max Papis pictures are cool, but it is The Interviews thet really get me....what an awesome& beautiful man!

      Why if my affections weren't caught up by The Horse....

      hmmm....I think i will spend the night pondering the deeper questions in life....like, if I could pry my affections away from Mr. Ed - and he weren't the only male in my heart - how good-looking would Max Papis actually seem?....darn good, I bet....

    • Great to here from you, Buckey!

      Dang, so much to deal with thet I didn't even follow Mr. Max today. Obviously, I need to re-think my priorities.

      Max P. is....very wonderful....why, if it weren't for Mr. Ed occupying my heart, I think thet I would have A Big Crush on Max Pappis\...well, I think I might a small crush anyway, but it certainly pales next to my crush on Mr. Ed....let's call it, "A Pale Horse"....write a movie script around it, and have The Young Clint Eastwood star in it....it will be a box-office smash!

      (I never did see thet movie...is it what they called a "speghetti western?")

    • I've got some cool pics of Max Papis at Mid-Ohio!

      Anyway.....my advise to you would be to just come out here and be the Joanie I know! Just let it go! You guys use to come out here and have fun like the rest of us

      LET IT GO..for the best for YOU! Who really cares about someone that we don't really know....

    • Hey Joaniereb............what's up? I can't stay long.....but besides "go Max papis"{..

    • Well, I'd have to spend three hours at once replying to the crap thet comes in, in my absence if I waited for tomorrow....so, I'll break it up a bit - here is one reply:

      motor said: "A simple I really don't know anything when I asked would have been better then I'm going through withdrawl. I don't feel good."

      MoToR - when I came to group conversation at the other site, it is THE FIRST THING thet I tried to say - to three ppl at once. Then you whisked me off to private chat, and -

      - I tried and tried to tell you - how many times did I say - "please, jest don't butt in and LISTEN for a minute"... I would get one sentence out and you would start haranguing me about your account again.

      OK. we were doing "chat", and rather then me write one long paragraph while you sat and tapped your foot - then waited, myself - while you read one long paragraph, I was going one-or-two sentences at a time - but I told you thet's what I was doing. I always do thet...it is part of having a "chat" conversation. I asked you repeatedly to just read while I explained my situation to you. Thet it would take, mebbe six sentences. And, I would post mebbe one or two sentences for you to read at a time...... and you would jest break in ranting and haranguing about your deleted account again every time I hit send, without letting me finish what I was trying to tell you.

      I kept asking to jest STOP for a minute, because I was trying to help you, but I was not in optimal circumstances, and all I needed was to be allowed three minutes, and at most six sentences, but every time I hit send, you jest came back at me haranguing again about your deleted account and your conspiracy theory. Finally, we agreed nothing could be accomplished right then.

      You jest kept saying, "give me a name!!!!!!!" and ranting your conspiracy theory and haranguing me, and I was saying, "slow down....please...I'm trying to help you....but these are my circumstances right now, could you PLEASE take them into consideration...." I should have jest said, "I cain't talk with you right now, period". The result would have been the same - your going off your nut at me....but I was trying to deal with you and a bunch of other stuff at one time. I was doing the best I could in the moment because I thought thet you were a friend & I wanted to help you, but you wanted me to drop EVERYTHING and jest deal with YOUYOUYOU and your deleted account.

      Now, if you will recall, when I first went to the other site thet Sunday night about 10 days ago, there were four of us in chat together, and I said, "GOOD! Since three of my friends are here at one time, I want to explain something quickly to Y'All."

      I was going to tell three of my friends at once what was going on with me...then you whisked me into private chat and started interrogating me. I thought it was going to be a group discussion, and before it started up, I said, "oh good, three of you thet I know well are here so I tell Y'All something at one time", then BOOM - Gone to "private" and motor going all medieval on me.

      I was trying to tell everyone there my circumstances at the same time, and you didn't respect thet - jest, left thet sentence hanging in group talk and went to private, and every time thet I tried to get you to slow down and understand thet I was not feeling well & was distracted, you wouldn't listen and broke in on what I was saying and went off on me again.

      I keep saying - have been all week - thet this should NOT be played out on the board - and you keep insisting thet it be played out on the board.

      So, now it is, and you don't like it - too bad...we keep playing by YOUR rules, and when they work against you, you Go NUTS! And make New Rules....Again!

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