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  • JoanieReb JoanieReb May 19, 2009 8:18 PM Flag

    Master Gagger....

    ....I saw thet you posted here today, but couldn't find your post, it was lost in the thread, I guess.

    How did your weekend go? Cain you tell us racing fans about it? Did you bring pictures?


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    • wow .... yes i did ... had a great weekend but blew up another car, the driver and the guy paying for everything is having second thoughts... money is money, we dont like leaving a day early . but fishing is kinda fun and maybe cheaper.... LU.

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      • heehee - how did it blow up - what are the gory details, or would you rather forget?

        Be glad we aren't talking on the phone or face to face, I'd try to squeeze every detail out of you, including about the trip down and back and everything in between, including the weather. I feel like a real dunce right now, I never did google what-all you were up to, and still need to do thet in order to ask intelligent questions....but it won't stop me from asking the stupid ones, LOL!

        Do you have a website for your racing?

        How was the fishing? What kind of fish?

        Not thet those are stupid questions...if you start telling me about the fishing, I'll start asking lots of questions about thet, too, LOL - I need to live vicariously through someone else's weekend after the one I had here, giggle....no fun, even with the all-star race on and MY MAN SMOKE winning!!!!!!....jest a lot of hassles, one after the other, right on down to a lawn-mower thet decided it would not come out of it's winter retirement, and a big ol' tree thet fell and took out the power lines out, out back and needed clean-up....free firewood for the guy with chain saw and strong back two houses down, LOL, so thet was easy enough.....but the generator got fussy and decided it wanted to hang out at the retirement home with the lawn mower....

        Thanks for the reply!

        Hey, at the beginning of the season, someone wrote me about a board for all kinds of North American automobile racing except open-wheel. You know, CORR, stock-car, sprint, late-model, and Lucas-Oil-Life-on-the-Edge kind of stuff. I'm trying to find it...you wouldn't happen to know of it, would you? Seems like a Google search would bring it up, but I cain't find the one thet I am looking for, it's new this year, a well-organized one with pages for every state....(I checked it out and didn't book-mark it and cain't find the email, which was from someone I didn't know, jest an invitation to check it out and mebbe join, so I must have deleted it....)


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