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    I'm not even going to continue to read all this bull shiTz on this board today.
    #1 I stopped going to NN because someone was fixated on getting info out of me on Reb, someone tried to turn me against another member, and someone was missled and thought I was an IMP. This all centers around one person and his manipulation.
    #2 I did not have anyones account deleted. because I became friends with someone very fast, another person became jealous of that. maybe it was her stalker. I have no idea who is behind this just noticing tho that someone is an attention whore. Not me.
    #3 M E was attacked and fallsely accused. I went quiet to let things play out and let the guilty one run his mouth. I needed Truth to bring this person out and let him further make an a$$ of himself. He did this and then tried to twist and turn things he said to cover his ovn tracks. Anita was to restore peace here but, no one wants that. No one cares. People are loving this script that some are playing out.
    #4 NN it was wrong of me to group everyone at NN as being bad. I was a newbie and all this BS, had mistaken all at NN as being behind this crap. I was wrong, sorry. However, It looks like it was in my best interest that I did stay away.
    #5 I will not sit back and read these idiot threads as they are another conspiricy theory that I want no part of. I am/was M E, TrUtH, and Anita only. Never was/are curse, IBB, or the others. Don't care what you think. This is the yahoo board. And from what was posted last night no one cares. As the attention whore states: "Love me, hate me, I don't care" That is how I feel now.
    As the shitz was going down I asked people to keep an open mind. I was attacked and out numbered for no reason. I had to become an a$$ to seek the truth. Sorry the rest of you had to see this.

    Now where is that new script?

    This topic is deleted.
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    • DRIBBLE....

      APOLOGIZE....Then it will be over. You got personal and we just don't do that and you know it.

      Besides....Who are you to call out anybody?

      Do you even read the Sh!t you type?

    • May 14th is the date. I didn't bring your sister in but you did so her eyes were open at this time. I don't wish to bring your sister into this. I don't want you using an over exaggerated case to get out of the fact a few days ago you said that.

      Stop trying to deny minutes before the post that I called them out you told me to do it then sided with them. I asked you, "should I call him out?" You said "yeah M E is just chasing fantasy pussy he's an idiot." 20 minutes later your backing him after he admits You were right in saying he was TrUtH (false lol). You went to the one who will tell it like it is. Because you saw an opportunity to jump on the fantasy P band wagon. I called you out for being 2 faced. You said one thing and did another Thursday the 14th was the date of the E-mail. I hope your sister has a full recovery and I do continue to pray for her. I have added you to that list so you see it in your heart to admit I'm not lying and stop the drama. I said all I have to say on this. Past that Ed Me and you can keep this between our selves in Private any time you want to talk. If you did it in the 1st place instead of dodging me we would have never got here.

      Joanie you know what you said and finally admitted saying it. Maybe it is all coincidence but the drama you built around it is all you baby. From the drug dependency to posting from a hospital as your ex is dying. Ed how many times did you post out here when your sister was very bad off? Not many how many times was, what was going on out here entered your mind? 0 times. I never didn't start the attack on you till Ed said he was positive it was ME. I checked his facts and agreed. Called you both out because if M E was truth surely he could have been IBB. Making all the stuff you said to defend him invalid. So I have said it all and joanie will go on shooting from the hip like she has creating more drama. I said it all in this post. anything said here you can look at my history it has not changed. Truth doesn't have too. Say what you will but everyone keeps mentioning NN I am not NN. I am calling people out I do that I'm wrong at times but when I am I admit it. Everyone who knows me knows that. So as of this post I'm over the drama. It's almost WED time to get line ups set and talk nascar. I posted the facts, I'm not slandering or bashing anyone. Ed you did this last year and tried and tried to convince everyone I was nuts. How much of my story was false last year? Any one who knows I tell it like it is. You should have known coming to NN in private we could have resolved it. I asked, dave told you too you didn't give me any other choice but to air it out here. I am not really all that pissed at you. P____y can make a man do weird things. I just thought you were more level headed and knew it was fantasy. past this I don't have much else to say. Joanie's drama is now on the idiots list. I see from her replies she will try to keep it going. I'm done talking about it and ED when you want to talk man to man you know where I'll be.

      Drama over

    • Sorry - think everyone knows thet is my second racing page - I was setting up my roster and reading what's new with my leagues there. I try to always post from my original page, to avoid confusion. But I am starting to wonder if I shouldn't make a page jest for posting, everyone says thet is the wise thing to do. I have used my "chase league" page recently, b/c there is only one team on it - less to lose, if Y'All know I mean......

    • If someone who was unfamiliar with these boards read MoToR's post above, it would sound like this:

      "NN is a place of huge drama, and people come to the Yahoo! board to try to escape it."

      This weekend, someone-who-visits-this-board-infrequently said thet while I usually didn't start it myself, too much drama revolves around me (JReb), here at the Yahoo board, and I explained thet it certainly seemed thet way, and I was sorry - and thet what had pro'bly happened was thet there was drama at NN thet I wanted nothing to do with, so I was cooling my heels at Yahoo until it was resolved - but people wanted to drag me into it anyway, so they had followed me here, to the Yahoo! Board.

      Now, Dave Norris LOVINGLY created NN as a safe-haven from Yahoo! board drama. It is a wonderful, creative, ethically and responsibly run board where ppl gather and have lots of fun. But NO ONE would know thet these days, it sounds like ppl are trying to escape NN by going to Yahoo! This Is a HUGE DISSERVICE to Dave, who has worked incredibly hard to put together a wonderful, free site.

      I remember last year, when it first opened at the old NN address, I went there to take a look, and 'chat' was on the front page, and a "core member" was jest joining up, and Dave was saying to him, .""you're welcome here, but you cain't do the stuff you do at Yahoo! here, the Yahoo!-type BS is not allowed here." It isn't an exact quote, but darn close. Now LOOK - ppl are saying here on Yahoo!, "We won't go to NN because of all the drama there, so we are here at Yahoo!" Thet is So TWISTED - and after all Dave has done to create an awesome site for everybody to join and feel welcome at.....

      I feel terrible for Dave. NN is being very poorly represented here.

      Jest seyyin'......

    • WOW....................... I been here a long time and all I got is WOW................ Mr Ed............. Glad we all good man. hope your sis does better too. (i think you said before she was doing better) <----- Hope I'm right

    • I mean, it's not as if you showed them some of those pictures....you know which ones....

    • Geez, Mr. Ed, if thet was all it was! Sounds like you were baited and had little time for the drama, and were letting them know thet - but still mebbe were looking to your friends for a little fun and distraction.....funny how they draw a person in, then make a drama, then keep twisting it into something REALLY big thet it isn't.....

      You and I know where we stand with each other. We have always been good, honest, kind, and considerate to each other. Let the others play their games around thet, it don't make no never-mind to me. The truth - they wouldn't know what to do with it if it bit them in the butt. Thet's for us to know and them to keep on creating drama around - and lies about.

      I finally sent some pics to MoToR as an offer of trust and friendship, and to show him thet I'm not a cartoon character...seems like it was after thet he got a little nuts where other guys were concerned....and now he is going "the grapes were sour, anyway" (you know the fable behind "sour Grapes", don't you? A fox spends all day trying his a** off to get some grapes thet were out aof his reach, and when he cain't, and is utterly exhausted from trying, says, "I didn't really want them, they were sour", LOL!)

      This doesn't reflect on YOU at all, in my book, jest poorly on someone else.

      You never have to defend yourself to me, Mr. Ed. Because, we know each other purty well and are friends.

    • I am not sure if anyone ever said you where Curse........ I never said of saw it so we all good........... Never had a real issue with you and enjoyed what stupid bs we had and will have out here............ but I'm Watching You !!!............. glad thats covered here......... NEXT ! LMAO

    • MoToR....My sister had a massive stoke and was dying. I remember writing something like that. That day was one of the worst in my life and no I really did not care about anything online.

      However, The last thing I expected was you to use the words I wrote in a private email and that I can barely remember on this board. Again this shows your total lack of empathy. I get it, if you see somebody down, what a great time to kick them. You could fill the Astrodome with psychiatrists to diagnose you. They would all walk out scratching their heads.

    • look i asked you to come to NN to keep it off here then you start with me on here this morning, Here is what you said

      MoToR, It's just free entertainment for me. I couldn't care less if she never posts again. When life hits you between the eyes, that board means little.

      So you said you don't care. Well when it comes to 2 faced i called you out. You told me call out M E then acted like he was your buddy. Have Him and you groupie you said you had her. LMAO. You can I've seen her. Not bad for almost 50 actually. past that, have fun. I don't care you don't care. but we will never really know where you stand ED. you say one and do another.
      Deny that those are your words. I dare you. Truth is all that comes from me. my story has not changed and will not. check for your self i have said the same thing about Joinie for a week. That is she told us it was going to happen and it did now she at least admits she told me. maybe she had nothing to do with it but going dramatic wasn't the way to prove her point. one question and all the sudden drama drama drama. Like a girl who cry's to get her way. Find my lies. you wont there are none.

      Past that I will say at least you 2 haven't run under another name to attack like a lot have done out here. that was M E job he's good at that. He looks for his truth but he has none, pull out my lies where are they. I didn't tell any everything i said coincides. Joanie has so many versions it not funny. look for yourself.


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