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  • JoanieReb JoanieReb May 19, 2009 3:05 AM Flag

    Attack on NN


    I keep being told thet I said there was going to be an attack on NN. I honestly don't remember saying any such thing. If I said something thet came across thet way, I would like to have my memory refreshed, Please. Perhaps I said something to thet effect but meant it in a way other then it was taken. But certainly, I knew of no planned attack on NN.

    I did say thet there were NN haters out there, and thet Y'All didn't know how bad you have pissed some people off with your "funny dummy"-ing them and all.

    But, please try to get this through your heads - NN is NOT thet important to anyone but it's core members. People - unless they are kids with too much time on their hands, or deranged adults - jest don't care enough to plot to bring NN down - at least, not thet I am aware of.

    People have always expressed dislike of NN and certain of its members on this board. I said thet I know one person who joined jest to see what'all it was like. But he got bored and went elsewhere, it didn't live up to its hype and he found members unfreindly.

    But to plot to bring it down - everyone has something better to do then that.

    OK, NN makes some of you feel like you are "stars". But, as boards go, NN is small potatoes. The people who don't like certain NN members tell them to go back to NN, where they belong. That's it.

    Plotting to bring down NN - what a joke - there are bigger and more meaningful things to bring down.

    I think a lot of this happened because I told Rimz and M. thet a lot of ppl read the Yahoo! board for entertainment and drama.

    OK, think of Da Goat's story about when he had a picture of himself here BBQ-ing, and someone saw him in a store and reacted as if he were a celebrity. It's thet sort of stuff. So, mebbe on Yahoo! they ""dis" you, b/c as Rimz compared it to someone running up and hitting Brad Pitt and Brad Pit going "what the ****", and the person would be all "Yes!" because he had PO'd Brad Pitt. And, MoToR let it go to his head, the idea thet he was "famous". So, he's creating a lot of grandeous stuff to make himself feel more famous, like a real star.

    They may mess with you here, but they really don't give a dang about NN beyond what's on the Yahoo! board.

    There IS - I repeat IS NO - NONE - NADA conspiracy to bring down NN. People who don't like certain core NN members will mess with them on this board, but they cain't do anything to 'bring NN down" - only YOU NN members cain do thet.

    This topic is deleted.
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    • Looks like it will be a group effort................ but thats the way people want it........... no one will have anything to do if you guys didnt start it back up.................... GOOD GOOD keep it up...........

    • Going to start it all back up again?

    • zzzzzzzzzz YAWN boring

    • danj joanie alot of stuff huh

    • Slick dick and tom the same? He lied to us all he said on the other thread he was only acople of people. YOU BEEN HAD BITCH could it be you getting motor in trouble? I bet it is.

    • Dude start the threads I'll keep them up top. Mine are subject to the deleter.

    • Dude, you're cool. And i like talking to you, so i'm hoping boundaries here. No lists, no threats...c'mon dude, chill.

      You're absolutely right, it's a long race this weekend, we should get the batteries charged up for some fun

    • Jake I don't know how many times I can tell her I have given her the benefit of the doubt. Even though everything I said was true doesn't mean she knows anything. She just doesn't want to let it go. I might have to put her on the idiot list if she doesn't figure out she is the one who keeps pushing it. put her in the box with the rest of the idiots. both no2's both ouachita kids both number 1's I've tried not to throw her in with the board garbage but lets see 4 times I told her to drop it, with short points. maybe she'll get out her system or I can run around making posts for her to 1 star that will keep her busy for a while. she only makes herself look bad though. Everyone saying drop it. All I got to say is kyle is a beady eyed weasel Jr sucks and we got 600 miles to go this weekend.


    • Here is the short he blew it with TrUtH then lied on the 17th about it being him. He acted like IBB as TrUtH his fault it came up again.

      Now for the last time Could you stop the drama, hell for one day and watch the board transform. You write novels after it has been put to rest. Stop with your drama. Everyone has been sick of it for a long time.


    • AHEM - WHO was it who made A Big Drama? The "shooting up" and "bounced from the bar" crap, and bringing up IBB, and black-mailing a friend with an old email; while WHO sat back and simply occasionally said, "I don't have the info you want" until it was time to defend herself? And, when she says enough is enough and responds to the other person's dramatic attacks on her and Conspiracy Theories, then she is creating the drama???? I responded, I didn't create. A LOT of identities on this board went drama-mad. Until I felt I NEEDED to defend myself, I stayed out of it.

      Oh, I see - if a "Club Member" attacks others, it is OK. But if a "NON-Club Member" attacks "The Club", and/or it members, it is not OK.

      Two sets of rules: one for Club Members, the rest for everyone else.

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