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  • JoanieReb JoanieReb May 19, 2009 8:02 PM Flag


    Repost from another thread:

    If someone who was unfamiliar with these boards read MoToR's post above (THET IS IN THE OTHER THREAD THET THIS IS REPOTED FROM), it would sound like this:

    "NN is a place of huge drama, and people come to the Yahoo! board to try to escape it."

    This weekend, someone-who-visits-this-board-infrequently said thet while I usually didn't start it myself, too much drama revolves around me (JReb), here at the Yahoo board, and I explained thet it certainly seemed thet way, and I was sorry - and thet what had pro'bly happened was thet there was drama at NN thet I wanted nothing to do with, so I was cooling my heels at Yahoo until it was resolved - but people wanted to drag me into it anyway, so they had followed me here, to the Yahoo! Board.

    Now, Dave Norris LOVINGLY created NN as a safe-haven from Yahoo! board drama. It is a wonderful, creative, ethically and responsibly run board where ppl gather and have lots of fun. But NO ONE would know thet these days, it sounds like ppl are trying to escape NN by going to Yahoo! This Is a HUGE DISSERVICE to Dave, who has worked incredibly hard to put together a wonderful, free site.

    I remember last year, when it first opened at the old NN address, I went there to take a look, and 'chat' was on the front page, and a "core member" was jest joining up, and Dave was saying to him, .""you're welcome here, but you cain't do the stuff you do at Yahoo! here, the Yahoo!-type BS is not allowed here." It isn't an exact quote, but darn close. Now LOOK - ppl are saying here on Yahoo!, "We won't go to NN because of all the drama there, so we are here at Yahoo!" Thet is So TWISTED - and after all Dave has done to create an awesome site for everybody to join and feel welcome at.....

    I feel terrible for Dave. NN is being very poorly represented here.

    Jest seyyin'......

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    • And this week, the drama posted here has been ABOUT NN!!!!!!

      I posted my email several times and asked ppl to contact me privately, not spill it all over this board, but they wouldn't and jest kept dragging my name and NN thru the mud here.

      If you want to fight here, PLEASE stop saying "NN" over and over again in a negative manner. Dave deserves more respect then thet!


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