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  • JoanieReb JoanieReb May 18, 2009 9:09 PM Flag

    Same stuff different year !!!

    I never attacked - thet was your thing. I didn't even dignify your week-long attacks with responses - except to repeat thet I didn't know who had your account deleted - and after awhile, I gave up even saying thet - until yesterday and today. And then, all I have done is defend myself from your attacks.

    MoToR, I don't think thet I cain ever consider you a friend again. You have seriously abused our friendship jest because you wanted LOTS & LOTS of attention, truth be dammed. The truth was right in front of you all the time - all you wanted to do was "twist and shout - twist the truth and make LOTS & LOTS of noise while doing it.

    As for banning me from MoToR's Bar & Grille, well, thet was pointless except to create more drama, unless it was perhaps to HIDE something from me - have you been making more drama files there, along the lines of the "flossin" and "joanie files" from last January - thet you wouldn't want me to see because I might bring truth into the picture? - to begin with, I rarely went there and never posted there. Also, there is one reason and one reason only thet I am not going to NN these days - and thet is YOU. I don't want to have anything to do with you these days. Sorry - but, now, there is a piece of truth for you.

    Now - for the last time, I DO NOT KNOW ANYTHING about who had your account deleted. YES - I did tell you and Rimz thet there were a lot of NN haters out there and thet I talked with some of them. THAT does NOT mean I police them, or have any idea who deleted your account. You make plenty of enemies on your own, MoToR - and guess what - they DON'T report to me. Nor do I report to them. I've had some GENERAL conversations with NN haters, in which I have defended NN. Heck, you cain see a few of them right here on this board. But we don't sit around talking in any sort of detail about it...it's jest stuff like, someone saying thet so-and-so is a jerk, and I'm like, "yeah, sometimes". Or, I get asked a lot why I put up with the crap, and I say because I really like some of the people, and respect others, and ignore others....only once did I have a specific conversation with an NN hater, and thet was to find out what I could about what had gone on at this board when I left for awhile. And NOTHING from thet conversation could lead to finding out who deleted your account. AND it was a private conversation with a friend of mine. Unlike you, I keep my private conversations with "friends" PRIVATE. I don't TWIST them and post what was supposedly told me in private all over public boards to make my "friends" look bad.

    Yes, I AM paying attention to you now. I am finally responding to your attacks, clearing my own air....and now, moving on.

    I think thet I have summed up everything thet I have to say - and since you kept putting it all on this board, I am responding on this board.

    And, speaking of boards....BORED with it all now.

    Think I'll go to a NASCAR board now, later Y'All....


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