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  • M E M E May 17, 2009 8:29 PM Flag

    Who Cares

    First off glad to see Reb is not MoToR. What a crazy 24 hours. As far as me being "truth" have ya been playin with yourself too long. Last night during the race I chose not to too get involved in the smack talk. I watched the race, unlike sum people. If I was "truth" don't ya think I would have responded??

    It looks as if someone is jealous of a friendship I have here. I am just her friend and that is it. I email her because she has a lot going on in her life and needs her friends. I like her for who she is today, and don't care about yesterday. I'm not the Stalker they say I must be. I am not the one who tried to make her look bad by bringing up all the bad things she went through this past week or month. Nothing like kicking a person when they are down, that yahoo is low class individuals. It was not me who said she had no friends here.

    I see her stalker as the person that is on all night long, waiting for her reply's. The person that gets jealous when she made a new single friend on the internet. Facts are, I work in health care, and have my picture registered. She would not have trouble getting it. And if we ever do meet it would be wise if we both bring a friend.

    Just a bunch of bull shitz going on here. Fact is I have only been in a private chat with two people and they were both short. After this week people will see the stooges for who they really are.

    Fact is Reb has done more for getting people to NN then all the stooges put together.

    I can only say that what went on last night and today was bull shitz.

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