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  • A Yahoo! User May 16, 2009 4:25 AM Flag

    Multiple personalities/accounts

    You all look way too much into the imping thing. These people don't care if they are respected, to them this is just a message board, nothing more, a place of fiction, where the real world doesn't have to come into play. I love that sort of spice personally, however some do take it to an extreme. But truthfully how can you all tell me that I am the fool, when you all spend so much time worrying about what people do on a message board or forum? Wake up folks, it was meant for things like this to happen and it will always be around. The ones who will truly lose out in the end are the ones that let this type of behavior get to them, not the ones who have this behavior. There is far more people in this world wanting to have fun at the expense of others then there is that want to maintain order.
    I say worry about the real worlds problems and put forth the effort into the real worlds problems as you do out here in fantasy land, and maybe this wouldn't happen out here. The only way to defeat this is to stop it in the real world, before you will on a website with a bunch of typed letters.
    Get over it and move on with your lives it is just fun and games, and more people will choose the fun and games aspect on the web then they will the serious aspect. Don't believe me? Just look at your coworkers habits, if they use a computer at work that is. I guarantee you that people that use the computer on a regular basis play games a hundred times more then they visit wikipedia or serious sites that can't relate to reality.

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